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How to Program your Nissan Altima Intelligent Key

Learning about the newest technology with your vehicle can be tricky and frustrating. One of these pieces of technology is the Intelligent Key for your Nissan Altima for drivers in the Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel and Collingswood area, we at Cherry Hill Nissan are going to let you know how to program this key so that you can enjoy all the benefits it offers you.

What Is an Intelligent Key on a Nissan?

We no longer have to take out our key and put it in the hole to gain entry to our vehicles. This major step in convenience can be found with almost any car today. The Nissan Altima allows you to program up to four Intelligent Keys for your vehicle. The major benefit to the Intelligent Key is that you can simply gain entry to your car by tugging on the handle. Your door unlocks when it senses the key is in close proximity. Your Intelligent Key can also lock/unlock your Nissan Altima from up to
33 feet away.

How to Program Your Nissan Intelligent Key

Nissan Altima Intelligent KeyYour first step is to enter the car with your Nissan Altima Intelligent Key. Once you’re inside your Altima, you need to lock the doors. The next step is to insert your key, without starting it, and remove it. Generally, you should do this about 6 times; however, it could take up to 10 times. You need to perform this step quickly, in and out. Once the car accepts this step, you’re hazard lights will flash twice.

When the hazard lights flash twice, it means that your Nissan Altima is in program mode. Put your key back into the ignition and turn it to activate your car’s electronics without turning the ignition. Once you do this, you should immediately press any button on your Nissan Altima Intelligent Key. This also needs to be performed quickly in order to take effect.

Test Your Nissan Altima Intelligent Key

Once you’ve programmed your Intelligent Key for your Nissan Altima, it’s time to test it out to see if it works. You can do this by clicking the buttons on the key from a distance. If you notice that the lights on your Nissan Altima flash and the horn beeps once, then your Intelligent Key has been successfully synced with your Nissan Altima. You should also walk up to the car and try opening it. If it has connected properly, you’ll be able to open your door without having to press any button because your Nissan Altima can sense that the Intelligent Key is in close proximity.

Questions About Your Nissan Intelligent Key?

Do you have any questions regarding your Nissan Altima or how to program your Intelligent Key? Contact our automotive experts at Cherry Hill Nissan. They’ll go over each step in detail, so you’ll know exactly how to program the Intelligent Key for your Nissan Altima. We’re always happy to help drivers like you in the Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel and Collingswood area.