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Nissan Rogue Dashboard Light Guide

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The Nissan Rogue is incredibly intuitive to use, including its straightforward system of dashboard symbols and indicators. Even still, Cherry Hill, Philadelphia, and Mount Laurel drivers may be curious about what a particular light on their dash means. You can read this quick reference Nissan Rogue Dashboard light guide to learn more about your Nissan dashboard symbols and meanings.

Nissan Rogue Dashboard Light Types: Warning Lights vs Indicators

The Nissan Rogue generally has two types of lights: warning lights and indicators. Warning lights are supposed to activate and remain on when there is an issue with one or more of your vehicle’s systems. Most will also briefly light up for a few seconds during your vehicle’s startup and then turn off soon after. If these lights remain on, or they do not activate when you first turn on your Rogue, then you should consult your owner’s manual, as well as your driver information display, and consider bringing in your Rogue for service. The second type of dashboard lights you will see are indicator lights, and these are often white or blue in hue, as opposed to the more alarming yellow, orange, or red warning lights. These indicator lights let you know that a system or feature is active, such as your high beams; or, is currently switched off, such as your vehicle’s dynamic control (VDC) system.

Nissan Rogue Warning Lights

ABS Warning Light

When left on, this warning light can indicate an issue with your anti-lock braking system or possible low brake fluid.

Charge Warning Light

This warning light can indicate problems with your vehicle’s electric charging system or your battery.

Forward Emergency Braking (FEB) Warning Light

This light will activate under normal conditions when the FEB system is set to “off.” If the FEB system is set to “on” and this light is still active, it can indicate possible issues.

Low Tire Pressure Warning Light

This light activates when your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) detects low tire pressure or an issue with the TPMS itself. Check your driver information display for more specific details.

Low Windshield Washer Fluid

This warning light indicates that you need to refill your windshield washer fluid reservoir.

Master Warning Light

This light can indicate problems that are easy to fix, such as a loose fuel cap, but it can also indicate larger problems, such as overheating within your AWD system. If this light activates during driving, reduce your speed, prepare to pull over, and check your information display for more details. You may need to schedule service immediately.

Power Steering Warning Light

This warning light can indicate malfunctions in your power steering system or low power steering fluid.

Seat Belt Warning Light

This light will activate as a reminder for front occupants to buckle their seatbelts. If ignored, a chime may sound.

Supplemental Airbag Warning Light

This light can indicate issues with your airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, impact sensors, or other airbag problems when it remains on, flashes, or does not come on at all.

Malfunction Indicator Light

This yellow, engine-shaped light will activate and remain on if an issue with the Rogue’s emissions control system is detected or if the fuel cap is not completely secured. It may also blink to indicate engine misfires, which can require immediate inspection and service.

Indicator Lights

AWD Lock Indicator

This light indicates that your all-wheel drive (AWD) system is set to LOCK or permanent AWD.

Fog Light Indicator

This light indicates that your fog lights are currently turned on.

Front Passenger Airbag Light

This light can indicate that your front passenger airbag system is currently inactive based on the weight sensed in the seat.

High Beam Assist Indicator

In equipped vehicles, this light indicates that the automatic high beam system is active.

High Beam Indicator Light

This blue light will activate when your high beams are being used.

Sidelight and Headlight Indicator

This light will activate when your day lights or headlights are active.

Slip (VDC System) Indicator

This light activates when your Rogue’s vehicle dynamic control (VDC) system is activating to improve traction or balance. It will also light briefly during vehicle startup.

VDC OFF Indicator

This light indicates that your VDC system is currently switched off.

SPORT Mode Indicator

This light activates when your Rogue’s transmission is switched to “SPORT” mode.

Turn Signal Indicator

This light indicates that you have a left or right turn signal active. Both may be active when your hazard lights are switched on.

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