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Transmission Repair Cherry Hill NJ

Transmission Service Cherry Hill NJ

Responsible for helping your vehicle swiftly change gears and find the appropriate speeds as you power down Cherry Hill streets and Mount Laurel’s curvy back roads, the way you think of your transmission most likely differs depending on whether you have a manual or an automatic.

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At Cherry Hill Nissan, we want our local drivers in Collingswood and nearby regions to always stay safe on the road, which is why we provide trustworthy transmission repair services to take care of transmission-related issues.

Transmission Problems

Transmission problems can make dramatic shifts from a slightly different feel on the road to full-blown system concerns that are far more costly to replace. To recognize when your transmission feels a little off, look for these symptoms that commonly indicate you’re on the fast track to transmission trouble. For more information about your transmission, check out our Transmission Resources below:

Slipping Gears or Shift Delays

Probably the most direct sign that your car is experiencing transmission woes is shifting into one gear and your car going into another. Automatic transmissions should immediately engage when you transition from Park to Drive, but a transmission that’s seen better days might send out its cry for help in the form of shifting on its own time.

Power Struggle

Does putting your gas pedal to the floor produce weary acceleration at best? Since your transmission directs engine power to your tires, power loss could be a sign that your transmission is nearly fed up.

Strange Noises

Transmission problems are usually accompanied by a symphony of disjointed noises that can add up to be quite a racket. From a high-pitched whine to an interior clunk, if your car is experiencing transmission troubles, noises that make their debut help you quickly make the connection.

Leaky Fluid or Burnt Smell

transmission repairWithout sufficient fluid to lubricate and cool your transmission’s interior moving parts, a transmission fluid leak has the potential to be quite dangerous if left unnoticed. If you find a bright red fluid left behind in your parking spot, it’s likely that your transmission has a leak that needs patching up.

Transmission issues may also arrive in the form of a burning odor accompanied by a dark liquid leak indicating overheating of the system that requires prompt attention by a car care specialist.

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Don’t let waiting on transmission-related repairs drain your wallet or put your on-road safety at risk! Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, and Collingswood area drivers can schedule a transmission checkup with Cherry Hill Nissan’s service center online now for quick, expert-level transmission fixes.