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Warning Signs of Transmission Failure

Here at Cherry Hill Nissan, our goal is to serve our customers in the Cherry Hill, Collingswood and Mt. Laurel neighborhoods as best we can. Driving around during any season with great weather can be a joyous experience; being out on the open road, the wind in your hair, the premium sound system blaring your favorite tunes. But when you start to experience shifting problems, it’s time to take notice. Many people think that the engine is the heart and soul of the car. If this is true, the transmission represents the arms and legs, without which you will get nowhere fast. Here are some signs of imminent transmission failure that you should never ignore.

Slipping Gears

If you are driving down the road, and you press down on the gas only to feel a hesitation before the transmission slipping, rather than shifting into gear, this is a definite warning sign of transmission failure. Other symptoms of slippage are when the transmission seems to shift without warning and for no reason. You may also notice a change in your engine sound, like a high-pitched whining.

If your car is struggling to accelerate, feels underpowered or just isn’t kicking into gear the way it should, your transmission may be slipping. This can be an indicator of several problems, the most common of which is low fluid levels, which could be caused by burning or a leak.

Hard Shifting

Colloquially called “gear slam,” this is when you try to shift into reverse or drive, or simply try to accelerate, and your car feels like it slams very hard into gear. This is often accompanied by a shudder and a loud clunking or banging noise. When your car hard-shifts it can have difficulty accelerating as well. This is a sign of serious transmission problems and you should have your car looked at immediately.


Basic hesitation is one of the most common transmission problems. This simply means that when you shift your car into gear or step on the accelerator, the car takes a send or two before engaging into gear. There is usually not a slam or slip associated with basic hesitation, but it can be a symptom of underlying problems, nevertheless. Also, it can be dangerous when you’re on the open road and your car does not respond like it should.

Leaking Fluid

Warning Signs of Transmission RepairIf you notice a visible fluid leak this is a definite sign of a problem. Transmissions are sealed systems that should never lose fluid. If you notice a dripping oil that is colored in shades of red or brown, you may have transmission problems. These problems can range from mild — a coolant line is cracked — to severe issues like a bad seal.

Your service technician will be able to address the issue and refill your transmission to accepted specifications. One thing you never want to do is overfill a transmission. This can lead to bigger problems down the road!

Warning Light

Your Check Engine light can be an indicator of many things, but if it occurs in conjunction with any of the problems above, this can be an indicator of transmission issues. Any time you see this warning light, take your car in to have it diagnosed by a certified technician.

Transmission Repair Cherry Hill NJ

If you’re experiencing any of the problems mentioned above, the experts at the Cherry Hill Nissan service department can help you with all of your transmission and automotive needs. If you live in the Mt. Laurel, Cherry Hill or Collingswood areas, give us a call or go online to schedule your next service appointment with us today. We are conveniently located at 2325 Route 38 in Cherry Hill, NJ. Our service department is open weekly Monday through Thursday from 7am-8pm, and Friday and Saturday from 7am-6pm.