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Things to Know When Buying a Used Vehicle

Buying a Used Vehicle

Are you in the market for a new vehicle in the Collingswood, Mount Laurel, or Cherry Hill area? If so, you may not have to buy a vehicle that’s strictly considered new. In fact, there’s never been a better time to buy used, thanks to the advancement of automotive technology. The longevity of vehicles is better than ever before — especially when you opt for a make like Nissan.

It’s still important to recognize that not every used vehicle is created equal. If you’re looking for a quality ride that will last you for years to come, you certainly have more options these days, but you still need to do some research before you settle on one. Here are the most important things to know when buying a used vehicle.

Solidify Your Wants and Your Budget

Budget for Buying a Used VehicleDo you want a sedan or a crossover? Are you looking to prioritize efficiency or technology? All of these questions and more need to be answered before you start looking for a used vehicle. Make sure you rank your wants in terms of importance so you know what you’re willing to live without and what is an absolute necessity.

You also need to outline your budget before you really start looking for your vehicle. Narrowing down your price range will make the search easier, as you’ll get a more precise set of results when you search for cars. When you’re ready to negotiate price with a seller, make sure you make your budget limits clear, but don’t reveal your target price until they make you an offer.

Get a Carfax Report

A CARFAX® Vehicle History Report or vehicle history report from another service lets you learn all about any prospective used car you might want. In this report, you’ll learn whether or not the car has had any accidents in the past, who the previous owner or owners were, and other impactful events and factors of the car’s past. A lot of sellers will try to hide this information, but forcing a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report will bring it all into the light.

Get an Inspection

Vehicle InspectionBefore you settle for any vehicle, make sure you get it inspected first. Looking at the exterior is easy enough to do on your own, but if you want to get a full idea of what the car has going for it, you’ll need an experienced mechanic to take a look. Make sure they run tests, as well, to see if they spot any major or minor mechanical defects.

Take a Test Drive

While you should never buy a car without driving it first, it’s doubly important for used cars. No test or history report can accurately convey the driving experience the way actually driving the car does. Try to include a variety of driving conditions in your test drive, including highways, tight streets, and hills. Take note of how it handles, and even how it literally feels. Interior comfort plays a big role, so don’t think an uncomfortable car is something you can just get used to.

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Find a Used Vehicle at Cherry Hill Nissan

With all the things to know when buying a used vehicle, it’s time to start your search. If you live in the Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, or Collingswood area, you can find a wide variety of used cars at Cherry Hill Nissan. We go to great lengths to make sure all our used vehicles are in top condition, but you’re still free to go through every step on this list before you make a commitment. Contact us today to start the search.

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