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Leasing vs Buying a Car

There’s nothing more exciting than purchasing a new automobile. And to make your car buying experience even more enjoyable, the team at Cherry Hill Nissan wants to help you learn more about leasing a Nissan vs. financing opportunities available to you.

Thanks to our lease vs. buy guide, drivers in Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, and Collingswood will get a rundown on the differences between each option. That way, you’ll walk into the dealership knowing which choice is best for you and your family.

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Perks of Leasing

If you love being equipped with the shiniest and most advanced gadgets on the market at regular intervals, then you should consider opting for a leasing plan.

That’s because lease terms last for roughly three years. So, if you see a new model that you’d like to get your hands on, leasing will allow you to do exactly that without making a lengthy commitment to one type of car.

On top of that, leases encompass the depreciation value on a vehicle. Because of this, you’re not paying for the full worth of the car, which may result in smaller monthly payments or less money down.

So, if you haven’t had the chance to save up some cash for a new automobile, leasing could be a great option for you.

However, if you’re someone with a long commute, you may want to ask your dealer about the mileage limits included in your plan. Because you don’t own the vehicle, most leases contain restrictions on the miles you can accumulate on the odometer.

But most dealerships offer extensions on these limits, so be sure to inquire if there’s an opportunity that suits your needs.

Buying Advantages

If you prefer to be equipped with a vehicle that you’ll have for years to come, consider buying your vehicle. Financing your car allows you to fully own your automobile once you’ve paid off your loan.

Once you’ve completed your term, all you have to pay for are things like maintenance, gas, and possible repairs.

Car Dealership

Plus, after you own your vehicle, you’ll have free rein to customize the interior and exterior as you see fit. So, whether you want a flashy paint color or a unique sound system, you’ll be able to adorn your car with any accessory you prefer.

And because you’ll be used to the finer details of your ride, you won’t have to reacquaint yourself with new functionalities every three years. By choosing to buy your automobile, you’ll know exactly how each aspect of your car operates for a lifetime.

Finally, opting for a finance plan keeps you off the path of mileage restrictions. That way, you won’t need to worry about exceeding any limitations while you’re enjoying your next road trip. Simply set sail with peace of mind and enjoy every minute of your drive.

Lease or Finance Your Car Today!

At Cherry Hill Nissan, we believe that every driver near Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, and Collingswood deserves to be equipped with the purchasing opportunities that align with your budgetary requirements. And with this guide to leasing vs. buying, you’ll understand more about what your leasing and financing options entail.

If you’d like to discuss your choices with one of our representatives, feel free to give us a call or stop by our showroom today!