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Why it’s Important to Check your Wheel Alignment

wheel alignment importance A vehicle’s alignment refers to the wheels staying at precise angles relative to each other and the road for optimal driving performance. Proper wheel alignment prevents other problems, so it’s important to check your alignment as part of your vehicle’s preventative maintenance schedule.

Even if you’re not mechanically savvy, there are signs you can look for so you’ll know when you need to make an appointment with a service specialist at Cherry Hill Nissan. Proper alignment may help you stay safe on the road, too. Alignments cost money, but they may cause you fewer headaches, wasted time, and less costly repair bills in the future.

Wheel Alignment Preventative Maintenance Tips

While most auto mechanic shops suggest getting an alignment check once per year, check your owner’s manual to find the interval between alignments that the manufacturer recommends. You may want to have a mechanic at least check the alignment every 6,000 miles (or every six months) to avoid future problems.

Also, if your vehicle is under warranty, check the fine print to see when alignments must be completed. Alignments may be necessary after certain auto repairs, such as after steering or suspension components are replaced.

Pros of an Alignment

Much like humans need chiropractic adjustments from time to time, your car needs adjustments, too. Fixing a misalignment can help to maximize tire life so the tread doesn’t wear unevenly, ensure your vehicle gets optimal gas mileage, keeps excess stress off the steering and suspension parts, improves driver control, and improves safety.


While some symptoms may actually be warning you of other vehicle problems, these indicators may generally reveal that your vehicle has wheels that aren’t properly aligned:

  • Steering and handling problems such as a shaking steering wheel, the vehicle pulls to one side of the road, and/or the vehicle’s steering wheel isn’t centered when driving straight ahead on a level road
  • Unevenly worn tread on the tires
  • Squealing tires
  • Decreased fuel economy

Why it's important to check your tire alignment

First, make sure you’re not carrying a lot of weight in the trunk that’s bogging down the rear of the vehicle. Are your tires properly inflated and are you getting them balanced regularly? If these issues don’t improve your ride, then you may be experiencing improper wheel alignment.

There are some scenarios to pay attention to as well. Perhaps deteriorating road conditions have resulted in your vehicle falling into lots of potholes. Maybe your vehicle has felt “off” since you ran over a curb, and you’re just not experiencing a smooth ride. You may not even remember the last time you had an alignment.

When in doubt, have a mechanic perform a wheel alignment check. Doing so could save you money in the long run in regard to fuel, not having to replace tires as often, and improving your driving control.

Schedule Service at Cherry Hill Nissan’s Service Department

All of the indicators mentioned above are helpful to keep in mind when driving or before getting your next vehicle inspection. If you still feel uncomfortable about diagnosing your car’s problems or aren’t sure about the status of your tire alignment, make sure you visit a service specialist at your NJ Nissan dealer, Cherry Hill Nissan. We offer a variety of automotive services, from routine services such as oil changes and brake repair to more extensive engine and transmission repairs.

Stop in to our service department or schedule your next service appointment online. We look forward to servicing you!