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New Jersey Car Inspection Checklist

or Call Service Drivers all across the Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, and Collingswood areas know that it’s important to keep up with routine automotive maintenance. Whether it’s an oil change, a tire rotation, a filter replacement, or even getting your windshield wipers swapped out, it’s always important to stay on top of service to help keep […]

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How to get Rid of Engine Oil Sludge

While a myriad of automotive issues can harm your car, nothing is worse than the damage from engine sludge. This sticky, thick, black substance starts to form over time and can result in costly repair bills or even destroy your engine. So how can you get rid of engine sludge in your car? While there […]

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How Long do Brake Pads Last?

Your brake pads are the part of your braking system that you tend to replace most often. But exactly how long do brake pads last? While there’s no definitive time frame, there are factors that can affect the life span of your brake pads. Below are just some to keep in mind time you travel. […]

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