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Why are my Brakes Squealing?

The brake system in your vehicle delivers an important function: it stops and slows down your car. So when you’re on the road in Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel, and Collingswood and you hear it squealing, it can cause some concern. It’s caused by a wide array of potential problems that may mean you have a deteriorating brake system, and it’s important to understand what could potentially causing the squealing. So below is a list of common reasons as to why your brakes are squealing.

Worn Brake Pads cause Squealing Brakes

The squealing sound you hear is commonly associated with worn brake pads. It comes from an indicator (a small metal shim) within your brake system, and it delivers the audible squeal warning to let you know that you are in need of a brake pad replacement. If it is the indicator, the sound can be heard even the windows are up but maybe not over the radio.

When this starts to happen, it should go without saying that you need to head to Cherry Hill Nissan for a brake pad replacement service. Ignoring the problem and delaying the service will only make the sounds and the conditions of your pads worse. With time, the squeals you hear will morph into growling and grinding noise. This is a clear indication that the brake pads are worn completely through, and the rotor is being scratched and the disc and caliper are rubbing together causing damage.

High Levels of Metal in Brake Pad

While it’s beneficial to save a couple of dollars when buying brake pads, it is common to hear squealing when you purchase brake pads with a high metal content. Having these straddle the rotors when trying to slow down or stop causes a lot of noise due to metal on metal contact. To help avoid this, it is beneficial to invest in brake pads made with organic material that uses less metal shavings.

Environmental Reasons

Why are my brakes squealing?

While hearing squealing when you hit the brakes can send you in a panic over the possibility of brake damage and brake pad replacement, the sound also occurs in other conditions.

If your vehicle has been still after being exposed to water, rain, or just from washing it, you can expect to hear some squeals. The moisture causes a thin layer of rust to form on the brake rotors, which is completely normal. When brakes are first applies, you’ll most likely hear the noise then and for a few stops. After that, it should disappear, but if the noise still occurs, there is a problem and you need to head to Cherry Hill Nissan for a brake service.

Schedule Brake Service at Cherry Hill Nissan’s Service Department

The squealing you hear when you step on the brake pedal while driving through the streets of Mt. Laurel, Cherry Hill, and Collingswood can be caused by a list of factors from brake pad problems to a small bit of moisture. It’s common to hear, but it can mean you’re in need of a brake service at Cherry Hill Nissan. So if you’re noticing this distinct sound, make sure you schedule an appointment at our service center to have our technicians look at your brakes and diagnose the problem today.