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Brake Service Cherry Hill NJ

It goes without saying that being able to slow down and stop your vehicle is crucial when driving. Your brakes take on this exceptionally important responsibility, but unfortunately, not many people know a lot about the brake system in their vehicle aside from the brakes’ main purpose. So below is some of the main information you need to know about your brakes.

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Brake RepairBrake Parts

Your brakes consist of multiple parts, including calipers, brake pads, and rotors. Two of the most important parts are the brake pads and rotors. The brake pads prevent damage that could harm the metal rotors and shoes. The rotors work with the brake shoes to create the friction needed to slow down and stop your vehicle. Neither the brake pads nor the rotors can function without the other, so regularly taking your vehicle to a service center can prevent the brakes from deteriorating, as technicians can pick up braking wear and tear early on.

Noises Your Brakes Make

With almost every car, unusual sounds indicate a potential problem. There are common sounds you should be aware of to see whether your brakes need servicing. Perhaps the most common noise you might hear is a high-pitched squealing when you brake. That sound is actually a warning that your brake pads need to be replaced soon. A more serious noise is grinding or growling. This means your brake pads are completely worn down. The grinding occurs when the disc and the caliper rub together, scratching the rotor. When you hear this noise, you should schedule an appointment with a service center as soon as possible.

Brake Replacement Cherry Hill NJ

 Having brakes that work efficiently can be attributed to the parts within the brake system. When there are older parts in your brake system, the higher your risk of wear and tear when you hit the brakes. So you should replace these parts as soon as you feel a reduced responsiveness or hear grinding noises when you brake to slow down or stop. However, if you put off changing the brake pads or rotors when you hear these sounds, then it’s certain that your entire brake system needs to be replaced soon.

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Brakes are extremely important to your vehicle, and with all of the parts this system contains, it can be difficult to understand how everything works and how to maintain this system. So stop by Cherry Hill Nissan’s service department and talk to one of the technicians because they’re all highly trained and have expert advice to give you a better idea of what to look for in terms of warning signs and even maintenance.

Your brake’s intricate system is incredibly important for both your vehicle and your safety. It’s crucial to stay in the know and understand the warning signs that can lead to brake failure and even accidents. So if you’re from Cherry Hill, Collingswood, or Mount Laurel and feel you need new brake pads or would like to talk to one of our technicians for more information, come to Cherry Hill Nissan!

No matter what you’re stopping in for, we hope to see you soon!