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Brake Pads vs. Rotors

What you Need to Know

Brake Pad and RotorYour Nissan’s brakes are composed of a variety of key components that come together to produce strong stopping power where you need it when you need it.

Our service team at Cherry Hill Nissan knows that being able to decipher individual brake part functions is essential for knowing when a part is due for replacement. That’s why we wrote this guide to the two brake parts that are most often mixed up: brake pads and brake rotors.

Local drivers in Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, and Collingswood can get it straight from now on. Check out the individual duties and differences between brake pads and brake rotors below.

Rotor Responsibilities

Within your car’s braking system, rotors are the metal discs attached to each of your vehicle’s wheels. As your wheels rotate, the rotors roll at the same rate, making them the piece that’s instrumental when it comes to facilitating a stopping force.

Rotor lifespans can vary anywhere between 20,000 and 70,000 miles depending on your driving style, the type of brake pads you have installed, etc. In general, they tend to last at least twice as long as your car’s brake pads.

Brake Pad Duties

Brake pads come in sets with two pads per wheel. They’re the parts that push together and squeeze the rotors, in turn enabling your vehicle to come to a stop. Most frequently made up of a metallic compound, brake pads are durable but still not as strong as metal rotors. Because of this, they show more wear over time.

It’s good to have your brake pads checked for wear at each oil change (that’s roughly every 3,000 to 10,000 miles). Should your pads wear thin in between changes, many times your braking system will issue an audible warning to get your attention.

What to Remember

brake repair cherry hill, njA good way to keep brake pads and rotors straight is to think of the PR-RP rule: pads replace while rotors persist.Comparatively speaking, this is a good way to remember that your brake pads will need more frequent switches compared to your rotors.

Keep in mind that any screeching, squealing, vibrating, and the like are all red flags that your brake pads are well worn. Another valuable tidbit: Replacing your brake pads when needed helps you to extend the life of brake rotors, so it’s important to keep your ears perked to prevent an extra-costly brake replacement.

Still Questioning Your Brakes?

If you suspect that your pads or rotors are experiencing excessive wear or it’s been a while since you’ve gotten a status on your car’s braking system as a whole, schedule a brake inspection or brake repair with your local Cherry Hill Nissan service center. We want to make sure that our drivers in Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, and Collingswood stay as secure as possible while on the road and know that keeping your brakes in check is a huge step in the right direction.

Also feel free to contact our brake-savvy auto technicians with any questions about warning signs, replacement parts, and more. We hope to hear from you soon!