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Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive through the streets of Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, and Collingswood, you need to make sure you have functional brakes. Not only do they help with your car’s performance, but they’re the most important aspect of your vehicle’s safety. While modern vehicles have brakes that are incredibly advanced, they still wear down over time.

When any aspect of your braking system breaks down, such as your brake pads or rotors, you need to get it taken care of quickly. Learn all about brake pad and rotor replacement and discover where you can go to find quality service that can get your vehicle fixed up and back on the road in no time.

Brake Pads

Brake replacementYour brake pads are a key aspect of your braking system. Essentially, these pads make direct contact with your wheel to create the friction that slows down the spin of your wheels. When you engage your brakes, the brake shoe will clamp down against the brake drum, using the brake pads as the point of contact. While this friction does slow down your vehicle, it also wears down the pads themselves over time.

Brake pads last a lot longer than they used to, but they still wear down eventually. Fortunately, there are signs you can look out for, so you’ll know when it’s time to have your pads changed. Most modern brake pads are designed to squeak when they’re worn about three quarters of the way down. If the squeak sounds more like a metallic grinding, that can be a sign that your brake pads are effectively gone and your brake shoe is making direct contact with the brake drum.

Brake Rotors

Brake rotors are another important aspect of your braking system. For most vehicles, they’re on the front two wheels and look like discs. They attach to your wheels directly and act as the surface that the brake pads apply pressure to. While they last much longer than brake pads, they still wear down over time.

If you hear a grinding sound when you hit the brakes, but your brake pads look fine, the culprit is probably your rotors. When they’re too worn or cracked, they won’t function properly and can seriously impact your ability to brake effectively. Make sure you get your brake rotors replaced as soon as possible when you discover you have a problem.


Brake replace 2When you encounter problems with your brake pads and rotors, it’s time to get them replaced. There are a few things you need to keep in mind to make sure you’re getting the most out of any replacements you may need. Brake rotors don’t need to be replaced as often as pads, but they should still be replaced in pairs.

Determining when it’s the best time to get brake pad and rotor replacements can be tough, but there are some general guidelines that should help. Brake pads, for the most part, should be replaced about every 30,000 to 35,000 miles, but that will vary based on driving conditions and habits. Your brake rotors, on the other hand, can last up to around 70,000 miles, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get them inspected regularly to be certain they’re in good working condition.

Visit the Service Center at Cherry Hill Nissan

If you’re looking for quality brake pad or rotor replacement in the Cherry Hill, Collingswood, and Mount Laurel areas, look no further than the service center at Cherry Hill Nissan. Our expert technicians have experience with all kinds of braking systems, so don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle in, no matter what make and model you have. Schedule your service appointment today!