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How to Check the Oil of Your Nissan Altima

Nissan Altima Oil Check

You should check the oil of your Nissan Altima every time you stop for gas. This simple bit of car maintenance can save your engine from excessive wear and costly repairs. Cherry Hill Nissan wants your Nissan Altima running strong its entire life, so they’ve put together this short guide to make sure you know how to check your Altima’s oil level.

Check Oil Cherry Hill NJ

Never Check Cold Oil

You won’t get a good oil level reading from a cold vehicle. You should drive your Altima until it is at its normal driving temperature. When you’re getting gas is a great time to check your oil; the car should already be warmed up. Next, you need to make sure you are parked on a level surface. If you aren’t, all of the oil won’t drain back into the oil pan, and you won’t get a good reading.

Locate the Dipstick

After you’ve opened the hood, look for the looped handle of the dipstick towards the driver’s side of the vehicle. Remove the dipstick. Wipe it clean with a rag, and put it back into the sheath. Remove it again, but don’t wipe it down.

Read the Oil Level

Pay attention to the markings at the end of the dipstick. They indicate the amount of oil in your Altima. There are markings clearly indicating the safe operating oil level. Hopefully, your oil level is in the safe zone. However, if it’s below the safe zone, you will need to add oil.

What Your Oil Can Tell You

The oil of your Altima can tell you a lot about your car. Dirty oil means it’s time for an oil change. A car that needs its oil topped off every time you get gas probably has an oil leak or other problem that a mechanic needs to look at.

If you have questions about your Altima’s oil, Cherry Hill Nissan can help you out. They are ready to take care of your next oil change or find out why your Altima is using so much oil. Let their professional service department keep your Altima running for years to come.