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Hopeworks: Changing the Direction of Youth in Camden NJ

Changing the Direction of Youth in Camden NJ

Helping the community create tight bonds for a prosperous future is crucial, and it all starts with helping our youth. Hopeworks strives to break the cycle of violence and poverty in Camden by focusing on the leaders of tomorrow, giving them the skills they need to go far in life and cultivate lucrative careers. With their programs, young adults in the Camden area can truly flourish, helping this community thrive like never before.

The History of Hopeworks

Hope WorksHopeworks began its journey in community involvement in 1999, helping high school dropouts receive training to obtain reliable work. Then, in 2012, they made a discovery. To help the youth even more, they needed to not only provide specialized training, but they needed to help their souls heal as well.

By becoming a certified Sanctuary organization, they are now able to help resolve traumatic issues in the youth’s life, so they’ll be able to seize the opportunities in front of them. With this combination of services, these young adults have the tools to achieve high levels of potential.

Youth Programs

Technology is the future, and Hopeworks knows this, which is why their youth programs focus on providing a well-rounded tech program. This allows students to obtain careers in this profitable field, a growing industry that shows no signs of slowing down.


Hopeworks offers real-world tech skills with their 3-month paid training program. Through daily classes, students will learn useful skills that ends with an internship opportunity that they can apply for. Along the way, support from an academic success coach and life reediness coach is always available.

Academic Support

Hope Works

During this journey, students will have the help they need to elevate their fundamental skills, like reading, math, and writing. Each student will receive a personalized plan that keeps their goals in mind and can also assist in obtaining high school credentials if needed.

Life Readiness

Learning the skills to do the job is the first step, but being prepared for it is completely different. This is why Hopeworks also provides a staff dedicated to preparing for this venture. This includes one-on-one coaching, interview prep, and learning how to stay healthy while managing life and job stressors.

How You Can Help

Hopeworks relies a lot on the compassion others bring to the table through volunteering, donorship, and more. There is a plethora of volunteer opportunities available at this nonprofit, allowing you to lend your knowledge and skills where it’s most needed. Some include:

  • Becoming an Academic Success Sponsor
  • Helping Conduct Mock Interview Sessions
  • Becoming a Mentor or Life Readiness Volunteer
  • Serving as a Board or Committee Member

Businesses can also help their mission flourish by allowing students to create, manage, and design a website. By collaborating with Hopeworks, you don’t only help your business grow, but your community as well.

Learn More About Hopeworks

Hopeworks is always ready to answer any questions you have about their incredible organization. If you’re considering becoming a volunteer, would like your business to help their cause, or you wish to join their program, reach out to their team today.