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The Historical Society of Haddonfield: Keeping Haddonfield’s Past Alive

Local Spotlight: Historical Society of Haddonfield The history of every community, town, and city is important. It allows us to find out where we came from, learn from mistakes we have made, and experience a little bit of the past lives that influenced our area.

The mission at the Historical Society of Haddonfield is just that: to increase awareness of this town’s storied background and preserve its history. They do this by collecting, conserving, studying, interpreting, and sharing this history throughout the community.

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A Brief History

Local Spotlight: Historical Society of Haddonfield The Historical Society of Haddonfield was founded in 1914 by Haddonfield residents themselves. They had just organized a celebration of the 200th anniversary of New Haddonfield Plantation and decided they should begin to document the rich past of this area.

Since then, they have spread the word of Haddonfield’s history through events, lectures, and have even published newsletters and books on the matter. In addition, they also maintain two historic houses, museum collections, and a library they love to share with the town’s residents.

Greenfield Hall

One of the mansions this organization maintains is Greenfield Hall, which serves as a headquarters for the Historical Society of Haddonfield. This former residence of John Gill was kept through many generations throughout the early and mid-18th century until 1920, eventually becoming a part of the historical society.

Tours are held in the Greenfield Hall during regular business hours, so you see this historical charm in person. Also included on the tour is the Historical Society’s collections, which shine a light on the past and give you a peek into the history of this great town.


To further share the historic value of Haddonfield, the Historical Society of Haddonfield puts on monthly events, perfect for learning more about this town. Whether you’re a history buff or looking for something unique to take part in locally, they always have something special planned.

Some of their regular events include:

  • First Sundays Open House
  • Book Clubs
  • Seasonal / Holiday Gatherings
  • Candlelight Dinners
  • Speakeasy Events
  • Membership Meetings
  • Lectures

The Historical Society of Haddonfield Publications

ocal Spotlight: Historical Society of Haddonfield When you’re not attending an event or touring the historic mansions, the Historical Society gives you more ways to learn more about Haddonfield. This organization is proud to publish books and periodicals often which you can order online. These writings are by local authors that focus on the town’s history, the people in it, and so much more.

You can also check out their own publication The Bulletin, a newsletter that comes out four times a year. This arrives directly to your email, but only members of the society have access to current issues. However, past issues from 1958 to 2011 are available on their incredible internet archive.

Become A Member

If you want an amazing opportunity to learn about the history of Haddonfield, becoming a member of the Historical Society of Haddonfield is the best way. Members gain tons of benefits, like access to current issues of the newsletter stated above, a discount on special events and HSH publications, free tours, and no admission fees to their meetings and lectures.

However, most importantly, you’ll be contributing to the mission of teaching and preserving Haddonfield’s history and helping with their causes. Make sure to check out this fantastic organization and what they offer soon!