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Nissan Altima Intelligent Key Warning Light: What to do if Your Key Is Not Working

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Nissan offers many technological innovations to enhance not only the daily drive, but the entire experience of owning a car. One of these innovations is the Nissan Altima Intelligent Key. A selling point for many Nissan vehicles, potential buyers want to know more about what it does and how to troubleshoot common problems. To answer these questions, Cherry Hill Nissan in New Jersey has prepared a handy guide to understanding the Intelligent Key system.

What is the Intelligent Key System?

The Intelligent Key system allows for remote unlocking and startup of your vehicle once the Nissan Altima Intelligent Key has been programed properly. With the push of a button, your car doors and trunk will unlock and your engine will turn on. There are two ways to unlock the vehicle with the Nissan Intelligent Key. One is to press the unlock button on the key fob, as is standard with many other types of remote unlocking systems. The second is to press the unlock request button on the door handle. If the registered key is in the vicinity (typically within your pocket or bag), the car will unlock via communication with the key fob. This ensures that only registered keys will unlock your car, and other Nissan keys or unregistered devices cannot compromise your security.

Pressing the engine start up button after remotely unlocking the car will not only activate the engine, but automatic climate control as well. This convenient feature expedites the process of unlocking and starting your car, perfect for the busy driver.

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What if the Warning Light Turns On?

There are a number of reasons the Intelligent Key warning light will come on. It is important to note that this light is separate from the low battery light. The warning light indicates a problem with either the key fob or the electronic systems in the car.

Communication problems may be one of the reasons that the warning light turns on. If the car cannot read the key fob, the antennae on either side have been compromised or signals are no longer being sent, the light will notify you of a problem. With older designs, keeping the key fob too close to an active cell phone was known to occasionally cause issues with the signal, leading to a replacement for the key fob. With newer designs this is far less common, but because it is not impossible, it is important to consider this when arranging your key fob and cell phone in your pockets or bags.

The most likely situation that would cause the warning light to come on is a problem with the electronic steering system. The steering system locks by default when the car is parked and turned off, so a malfunctioning system may mean that you are unable to start your car. This is for security purposes and should not be cause for alarm. Simply get your vehicle serviced as soon as possible.

Talk to a Nissan Specialist

Only someone trained to work with Nissan vehicles will be able to answer all your questions about systems like the Intelligent Key. Cherry Hill Nissan, located in Cherry Hill and serving Mount Laurel and Collingswood in New Jersey, has highly trained Nissan specialists available to assist you. For questions, contact us at 888-694-0072.