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5 Reasons to Lease your Nissan

5 Reasons to Lease Your Nissan Choosing to buy or lease your next Nissan is a major decision. After all, this is a large investment that will affect your daily life. This is why taking a closer look at financing options is one of the most crucial aspects to dive into when you’re in the market for a new model.

Cherry Hill Nissan offers several options for drivers in Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, and Philadelphia to help you make your experience both enjoyable and suitable. However, with our lease deals available on all Nissan models, you’ll open the door to a wide world of benefits. To learn more, read about the top five reasons to lease your Nissan below!

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#1. You’ll Get to Drive Your Dream Vehicle

You’ll Get to Drive Your Dream VehicleWith our accommodating lease specials, you’ll be able to get behind the wheel of the Nissan you have been daydreaming about. Leasing allows you to pick out the newest, most equipped vehicle on the lot that includes all the newest technologies.

This is because with this finance option, you won’t be paying off the whole amount of the vehicle, as you would when buying or taking out a secured loan. This presents you with the chance to go all out and choose the best options, features, and packages to take your vehicle to the next level.

There’s no need to compromise when Nissan lease options afford you the opportunity to drive the very best!

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#2. Choose the Length of Time You Want to Drive

Choose the Length of Time You Want to Drive Perhaps one of the most popular reasons drivers prefer Nissan lease deals is that they allow you to switch things up. When leasing a Nissan, you won’t have to be dedicated to the same vehicle well into the future, which is perfect for those who revel in change.

There’s no commitment to owning a vehicle long-term when you lease. Even if the Nissan you lease today is the exact one you wanted, who knows what advancements might come out next year? Just knowing that you have the option of driving another new vehicle in as little as one year is a great benefit.

With our unique lease specials, terms can range from 24 to 60 months. At the end of that designated, agreed-upon period, you simply return the vehicle, giving you the option of leasing a brand-new one!

#3. Lower Monthly Payments

Lower Monthly PaymentsUnlike buying, where the whole price of the vehicle must be paid off, with our car lease plans, you only pay for the portion of the vehicle’s life when you’re using it. This is called depreciation, and as a result, monthly payments are typically lower!

This allows you to work a Nissan lease special perfectly into your lifestyle and feel confident about your decision. As an added bonus, many Nissan vehicles can be leased with little, or sometimes no, money down upfront. Imagine what you’ll be able to do with all that savings!

#4. Possible Tax Benefits

Possible Tax BenefitsDo you have an at-home company or intend to use your vehicle for business purposes? If so, you may be eligible to receive tax benefits. In some cases, the entire lease payment could be considered as a business expense, allowing you to write off the taxes completely or receive a deduction.

If you are unsure if you qualify, talk to our finance team. They’ll be able to tell you whether you are qualified to receive tax benefits for your leased Nissan.

#5. Warranty Coverage

Most leased Nissan vehicles come equipped with a warranty straight from the manufacturer. This comes in handy when you need repairs or it’s time to schedule your regular maintenance appointment.

Warranties like these help cover everything from simple oil changes to extensive repairs, making keeping your model in tip-top condition easy and seamless.

Take Advantage of Nissan Lease Deals Today!

Cherry Hill Nissan is your one-stop-shop for all things Nissan lease related. And now that you know the five reasons to lease your next vehicle, it’s time to get started on this exciting journey!

Whether you are currently in a car lease or considering leasing, stop by our Nissan dealership to learn more about your options for securing your next vehicle. We proudly serve customers in Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, Philadelphia, and beyond!