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Buying a Car Out of State FAQs

FAQs About Buying a Car Out of State

At Cherry Hill Nissan, we want your car-buying experience to be the best it can be. Even if you’re not from the Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, and Collingswood areas, we’re here to help find the Nissan of your dreams and outfit you with the service you deserve.

If you’re thinking of seeing us for your next set of wheels, you probably have some questions about purchasing a vehicle in a state other than your own. But worry no more—we’re here with our handy buying a car out-of-state guide, answering all your important questions. Let’s jump right in!

Q: Can I Buy a Car Out of State?

FAQs About Purchasing a Car Out of StateA: Yes! There is nothing stopping you from traveling to a different state to purchase a vehicle. This gives you more options, and allows you to pick a dealer that you find to be most-trusted, regardless of location. However, there are some things to think about, including:

Title & Registration: When you purchase the car, its title and registration will be in the state where it was purchased. When you arrive home, you must register the vehicle in your state. Dealerships usually handle this for you, but keep up to date on the process to ensure everything transfers over correctly.

State Requirements: Each state has its own set of rules, so make sure you look into your state’s requirements, including emissions and smog levels, to ensure the car you choose is safe and legal in your home state.

Q: If I Buy a Car Out of State, Where Do I Pay Sales Tax?

A: In most states, you must pay a sales tax when buying a vehicle. And while some states like Oregon, New Hampshire, or Delaware, do not have a sales tax, your home state might. So, unless you’re planning on registering the vehicle there, after buying your vehicle, the sales tax is paid to the state where you register the vehicle.

Q: Do I Pay Taxes Twice if I Buy a Car Out of State?

A: No, but there are some things to consider. When you buy a car out of state, the dealership will probably collect the sales from you and send it to the state where the vehicle will be registered. However, you might have to pay the difference if your sales tax is higher. Additionally, you may need to pay any applicable local sales tax, as well.

Q: What Paperwork Do I Need to Buy a Car Out of State?

Buying a Car Out of State at Cherry Hill NissanA: When you make your trek across state lines to buy your next vehicle, most of the paperwork will be completed by the dealership. You may want to bring along any important information for your state’s smog test requirements, emission information, and the like, though.

Additionally, when buying a car, you should also always bring along your:

  • Driver’s License
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Recent Paystubs
  • A List of References

Q: Where is a Great Place to Buy a Vehicle Out of State?

A: At Cherry Hill Nissan, of course!

Our dealership is here to exceed your needs, even if you don’t reside around the Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, or Collingswood areas. Our professionals are here to guide you through the out-of-state-buying process, allowing you to drive away in the right Nissan model for you.

We hope to meet you soon!