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How to use Nissan Connect

We have grown accustomed to being able to easily access all of the information and entertainment the internet has to offer with just a few clicks. The advent of tablets, smart phones and WiFi made it possible for us to enjoy that same ease of access while away from our offices or homes. Now it is possible to enjoy all of those things plus GPS based navigation and more safely from the driver’s seat of your new Nissan using NissanConnect. This hands-free technology, either by itself or in combination with your smart phone and your Nissan’s display screen, allows you to turn your driver’s seat into a fount of information and entertainment without ever taking your hands off the wheel.

Nissan Connect NJBy downloading any or all of the rapidly expanding list of apps, you can collaborate with your co-workers on your latest project, research the nearest or highest rated restaurant in the cuisine of your choosing, track the latest happenings on your social networking sites, listen to your music or find more online and get to wherever you need to be without fear of getting lost. Best of all, you can accomplish all of this while safely navigating rush hour traffic.

Setting up NissanConnect

Setting up your NissanConnect is a simple, intuitive process. You start with the pre-installed tutorial which will take you step by step through the set-up process, including connecting and registering for specific services, checking your phones compatibility with the system and if possible, syncing them, connecting to your Bluetooth device and adding or deleting services.

Nissan Connect NJOnce that is complete, you may want to try out the simulator which will show you how to use the GPS navigation system as well as the many other features offered, including sending text messages using voice commands, making a phone call, using SiriusXM radio and setting destinations.

Services Offered

The NissanConnect technology gives you access to a great many services. You can access your smart phone’s contact lists and, using voice commands, call, text or e-mail anyone from your contact list. Don’t have the contact information you need? Don’t worry; you can use it to find any person, place or thing that has an internet presence. By choosing and downloading any selection from their list of apps, you can have access to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, trip-planning sites like TripAdvisor or SiriusXM Travel Link, information about local highlights using sites like YELP.

Nissan Connect NJ

Any information you could possibly need can likely be found by using NissanConnect’s access to Google’s search engine. And it is likely that you will never have the chance to access all the great music this technology puts at your fingertips through places like Slacker Radio, SiriusXM, Pandora, iHeartRadio and more.

The world we live in moves at breakneck speed all of the time. You don’t have the luxury of doing nothing while stuck in traffic or getting lost on your way to the big meeting. Using NissanConnect will make any drive you take safer, faster and more fun.

For more details about NissanConnect or any of the technology found in Nissan’s vehicles, contact the folks at Cherry Hill Nissan.