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Yoga with a Personal Touch: Heart & Grit Power Yoga

Yoga Studio near Cherry Hill, NJ

There are many people who practice yoga, but if you’re looking to be a part of something great, stop by Heart & Grit Power Yoga. They are a community of people who are committed to values like truth, willingness, and courage.

To learn more about Heart & Grit Power Yoga, read our guide below.

The Value of Heart and Grit

Yoga Class near Cherry Hill, NJ There is a reason why Heart & Grit Power Yoga is called such—they are the two most important things they look for in anyone who walks through their doors. The heart knows who we are as a person. Through it, we get a sense of meaning and value. Grit, on the other hand, is a unique blend of passion, resilience, and determination. It allows one to maintain the focus required to achieve their goals even in the face of discomfort and rejection.

After suffering through years of family tragedy, Gina Ward, the founder of Heart & Grit Power Yoga, discovered Baptiste style yoga classes. They showed her that she had the power to create the person she wanted to be. She founded Heart & Grit Power Yoga to share this ability with others. Now, she can share her love and joy with others on a daily basis.

Baptiste Power Yoga was first developed in the mid-90’s by Baron Baptiste. It is a variation of hot power yoga, and focuses on poses, meditation, and self-inquiry. Best of all, it is specifically designed to adapt to the different physical abilities of those taking part.

Class Options

One of the classes they offer at Heart & Grit Power Yoga is called Power Hour/75. These 60- to 75-minute classes encourage self-exploration. They will take you to your physical limit and center your mind. That way, you’ll feel inspired to reach your goals both on the mat, and in your everyday life.

The Restore and Flow class is a blend of both power and surrender. For 30 minutes, you’ll be led through the Journey into Power sequence. Once you’ve worked up a sweat, you’ll take the next 30 minutes to restore yourself using deep hip openers and seated postures.

They also have private sessions. If you’re looking to decrease your risk of injury, try out True North Alignment.


Yoga near Cherry Hill, NJWhen you join the community at Heart & Grit Power Yoga, you’ll be invited to take part in special yoga retreats. These retreats are designed to help you create clarity in your life. You’ll spend time practicing asana, meditation, and inquiry.

These retreats will help you understand who you are and what you want in life. You’ll be better able to clarify your message so that you are heard by others. They are an opportunity for you to be more in tune with yourself, and your input to the cohort will be invaluable.

If you’re motivated and looking to make an impact in the world, or just trying to refine and activate your purpose and mission, give these retreats a try!

Activate Your Heart and Grit Today!

The classes at Heart & Grit Power Yoga are created to be challenging, fun, and empowering. The staff is passionate and wants to help guide you into your own potential. If you want to see what else they’re up to, visit their Facebook page.

Grab your mat and get started today!