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How to get Rid of Engine Oil Sludge

While a myriad of automotive issues can harm your car, nothing is worse than the damage from engine sludge. This sticky, thick, black substance starts to form over time and can result in costly repair bills or even destroy your engine. So how can you get rid of engine sludge in your car?

While there are many ways you can clean out your engine, some processes can be confusing. However, you can try a couple easy techniques. All you need is a few materials, a bit of patience, and this guide from Cherry Hill Nissan about how to get rid of engine oil sludge.

What’s Engine Oil Sludge? 

Before diving into the techniques, it’s important to know what exactly engine oil sludge is. This automotive nuisance forms when the oil breaks down and oxidizes after being exposed to an excessive amount of heat. It can get thick and gelatinous enough to block engine passages and can lead to a breakdown.

Engine Oil Flush

To avoid the death of your car or costly repairs, you can perform an engine flush. This cleans out internal systems and helps restore your vehicle to working order. Here’s what you need to do if you want to try an engine oil flush.

Change your oil. Once engine oil sludge is detected, change the oil in your car. This allows for a fresh canvas to work with.

Add an engine oil sludge remover product. There are a number of sludge-removing products on the market. Buy the one that best fits your vehicle and follow the directions on the bottle.

Check to see if sludge is removed. Once you’ve finished the process, check to see if there’s any sludge left in your vehicle. All you have to do is check under the hood for oil splatter. You can also look into the oil chamber with a flashlight to see if there is any sludge left.

Schedule a service appointment at Cherry Hill Nissan. If there’s no sludge left, then you should be clear to drive off to Collingswood and Mount Laurel. Just pay close attention to the performance of your vehicle to check for problems. If there’s still sludge in your engine, then take your car to a Nissan service department in Cherry Hill immediately to prevent further damage. 

Synthetic Oil Replacement

Premium synthetic oil can help address the problems that come from engine oil sludge. If the oil sludge is minimal, you can just switch your fluids with a premium synthetic oil. Doing this helps your engine resist buildup and deposits.

Simply put, engine oil sludge is a killer for your vehicle. If you notice a change in performance and overheating, be sure to look in your oil chamber is see if this dangerous substance has formed. If so, take quick action. Follow the guide above to get rid of oil sludge and get your car back to its optimum performance.

As always, be sure to give the service department at Cherry Hill Nissan a call for more information about how to get rid of oil sludge. And be sure to schedule your next oil change in Cherry Hill, NJ, with us today.