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New Jersey State Inspection Cherry Hill NJ

Keeping your vehicle healthy is an essential part of being a responsible car owner, which is where regular state inspections come into play. As a way of ensuring that your vehicle operates safely for both you and other drivers, getting an automotive inspection every two years helps you drive confidently on the road.

Of course, it always pays to know more about what to expect once you drop off your automobile for your New Jersey State Inspection near Cherry Hill, NJ. That’s why we’re here to give you the lowdown on what you may experience during this required checkup with our inspection guide, created by the professionals at the Cherry Hill Nissan Service Center. With this, you’ll be prepared for your visit to the inspection station in no time!

New Jersey State Inspection Requirements

Vehicle InspectionTo prepare for your New Jersey State Inspection near Cherry Hill, NJ, it’s important to understand which vehicles require an inspection. Let’s take a look at which cars must undergo an emissions inspection before registration, and then every two years:

  • All vehicles that are five model years and older that are:
    • Gasoline-, bi-fuel-, or diesel-powered
    • Plated as a passenger, not-for-profit, governmental, or commuter van automobile
  • All diesel-powered vehicles that are:
    • Of the model year 1997 and newer
    • Weigh 8,500 pounds or less

If your automobile falls within these requirements, you’ll want to find your local inspection station ahead of time. Doing this simple step will ensure that you’ll remember to schedule your motor vehicle inspection on time!

What to Bring to the Inspection

Before you head over to your inspection station, you’ll want to be sure that you have all the necessary documents. Luckily, most of the items required for this service check are things you’ll already have available, like:

  • Your driver’s license
  • Payment method for any fees
  • Vehicle’s registration
  • Proof of New Jersey auto insurance

To speed up your inspection process, locate these documents before you visit your station for your New Jersey State Inspection near Cherry Hill, NJ. Thanks to your preparation, you’ll be all ready with your pertinent insurance information before your appointment.

Where to Go for a NJ State Inspection

New Jersey Vehicle InspectionNow that you know what’s required for your New Jersey State Inspection near Cherry Hill, it’s time for you to plan your appointment by locating the closest inspection station. Doing this is as simple as using an inspection location finder provided by the DMV. Once you plug in your address, you’ll be presented with a selection of nearby service centers that can perform your car’s 2-year checkup.

After your automobile has passed the emissions inspection with flying colors (hooray!), an authorized service facility will provide you with a vehicle inspection report, which outlines the results of your NJ State Inspection. You’ll want to keep this document with your car’s registration as proof that your vehicle was inspected.

Finally, an inspection sticker will be placed on the inside of your automobile’s windshield. With this handy reminder, you’ll know exactly when to schedule your next New Jersey State Inspection near Cherry Hill, NJ.

Schedule Your State Inspection near Cherry Hill NJ!

At Cherry Hill Nissan, we like to help our loyal customers stay updated on the required checkups that’ll keep their automobiles functioning their best for years to come. If you have any questions about when, where, or how to get your New Jersey State Inspection near Cherry Hill, NJ, feel free to reach out to the certified professionals at our dealership.

To schedule your appointment and ensure that your car will pass its inspection, stop by our service facility, give us a call, or reserve your date and time online today!