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How to Program Your Nissan Altima Intelligent Key®

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If you’re looking for a new car in Collingswood, Cherry Hill, or Mount Laurel, then your best option is the Nissan Altima, one of the top sedans on the market today. Driving the Altima means you have access to a variety of great features, including performance that’ll easily help you drive around the city. Perhaps the most interesting feature offered by the Altima is its Intelligent Key®, which makes using your vehicle easier and more convenient than ever before. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to help you program a Nissan Altima Intelligent Key® so that you can fully enjoy this convenient feature. Have any questions? Please contact us here!

Benefits of Your Intelligent Key®

Before you learn how to program a Nissan Altima Intelligent Key®, it’s a good idea to take a quick look at what this key does. Your Intelligent Key® allows you to quickly enter your Altima without the need to take your key from your pocket. When your Intelligent Key® is properly programmed, your Altima will sense the key and then automatically unlock your vehicle when it’s near. Your Intelligent Key® can also unlock your automobile from up to 33 ft away, which is a big plus when you’re running to your car on rainy days. If you’re tired of having to dig out your key to gain access to your car, you’re going to love your Nissan Intelligent Key®.

Program a Nissan Altima Intelligent Key®

Now that you know a little bit about how your intelligent key works, it’s time to find out how to program your key. Fortunately, this process is fairly quick and easy, as long as you follow the right instructions. The first thing that you’ll need to do is to get inside your Nissan Altima with your Intelligent Key®. Next, you’ll need to take out your key and then insert it and remove it from your ignition six times in ten seconds. If you complete this step successfully, your exterior and interior lights will flash twice, indicating your Intelligent Key is in programmable mode. Once your Intelligent Key is in programmable mode, you should place your key in the ignition and activate your electronics without starting your vehicle. Quickly press any button on your key to program it to your Nissan Altima.

Make Sure Your Key Works

After you’ve completed all the steps of the Intelligent Key® programming process, you need to make sure that your key works with your vehicle. Take your key out of your ignition, exit your vehicle and then walk a few feet away. Press one of the buttons on your key, and if you notice that your horn beeps and your lights flash, it means your key has been programmed properly. Then, lock your vehicle and walk towards it to make sure the proximity unlock function is working correctly.

Get Help with Your Intelligent Key

If you have any questions about how to program a Nissan Altima Intelligent Key®, then you should be sure to talk with the professionals at Cherry Hill Nissan. One of our representatives can walk you through the key programming process and answer any other questions you may have. Whether you’re from Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, or Collingswood, Cherry Hill Nissan is your top dealership choice.