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Ten Signs You’re from Cherry Hill NJ

If you’ve grown up in Cherry Hill, NJ, then you probably feel like you’ve been living in a world of your own. After all, you’re close enough to Philadelphia to get the city experience, but still part of the south Jersey region—completely divorced from north Jersey, mind you. After spending a while there, our team at Cherry Hill Nissan can attest to the fact that it really rubs off on you.

Here are ten telltale signs that you’re from Cherry Hill, NJ.

1. Everyone thinks you live in Philly.

Or, close enough. Philadelphia is a beast of its own, swallowing every surrounding town and suburb into its “I live in Philly” blanket. Each time you try to correct them, but eventually you just sigh and agree.

2. You frequent the Wawa more often than your own kitchen.

This one isn’t even your fault. After all, they can’t build, approximately, 1,000 Wawas within a five-mile radius and not expect you to visit every one. It’s your coffee break. Your breakfast. Your lunch. Your late-night minimart. After biting into enough of their hoagies, you’ll start to forget what the inside of your fridge looks like.

3. On that note, it’s called a hoagie. End of story.

You’ve had legitimate arguments with people over this particular vernacular quirk. A sub is an underwater craft. A hoagie is a sandwich. What irrefutable proof do you have?

Wawa’s annual sandwich celebration is called “Hoagiefest” not “Subfest”. And Wawa reigns supreme.

4. Diner food is upscale cuisine.

In Cherry Hill, Wawa isn’t your only means of neglecting your kitchen. You’ve also got plenty of great diners to choose from, like Ponzios or the 24-hour Cherry Hill Diner. To an out-of-towner, this might seem like a pretty lowkey meal, but you know better. Ponzios and the Cherry Hill Diner are classy joints.

5. Who needs the Cherry Hill Mall?

Those same out-of-towners who would criticize your dining preferences are probably flocking to the Cherry Hill Mall—the biggest in all of Jersey. And, sure, it was a cool hangout when you were in middle school, but as a sophisticated adult? You’re so over it.

6. Half your school field trips were to Springdale Farms.

Springdale Farms is another one of those places that would seem really cool to a tourist. Admittedly, it probably is. If your school field trips growing up weren’t taking you into the city to visit the Franklin Institute, though, then you were probably heading to Springdale Farms. The thought of visiting now makes you roll your eyes.

7. Supposedly, you don’t pronounce the word “water” correctly.

On the topic of disagreeing with pretty much everyone who doesn’t live in Cherry Hill, you’ve been told you don’t pronounce “water” right. A ridiculous assertion, considering all your life you’ve been hearing “warder” or “wooder”. In your humble opinion, those other guys are the ones saying it wrong.

8. You have horror stories about Routes 70, 73, and 130.

While you consider yourself somewhat more refined than those North Jersians, you probably have at least one thing in common: a temper. It sure has a way of coming out when you’re stuck in traffic.

9. Let’s skip the headache and just use PATCO.

After blowing a couple gaskets on Rt. 70, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that it’s in everyone’s best interest if you use public transportation. So, you ride PATCO at every available opportunity.

10. The beach? Huh?

Well, this is one thing MTV got right. There’s no “Jersey beach”—that place doesn’t exist. It’s “the shore,” and you don’t go to it. You go down it.

And, yes, when you’re there, you’re a total “Shoobie”. You don’t care—you own it.

Loud & Proud

As a Cherry Hill resident, you’ve experienced the best of both worlds. You’ve had Philly street smarts and Jersey sass. While it seems pretty commonplace to you now, we can almost guarantee that the moment you leave, you’ll miss it.

Be proud of where you live, and show it some renewed adoration by paying a visit to your old haunts. We can hear the Cherry Hill Diner now calling us now…