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What is Nissan Pure Drive?

Oil Change Cherry Hill NJOne of the biggest concerns today is the environment and the effects that our vehicles have on it. For drivers in the Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel and Collingswood area. We’re going to tell you all about the Nissan Pure Drive technology, and how Nissan is striving for a green future in the automotive industry.

What Does Nissan Pure Drive Do?

Did you know that most vehicles with internal-combustion engines only use about 20 percent of petroleum fuel’s energy value? This may seem like a waste, and in all actuality, it is. Vehicles that can only use 20 percent of the energy value in fuel aren’t exactly getting the best bang for their buck. Nissan is trying to change that with their Pure Drive initiative.

Nissan vehicles that are labeled “Pure Drive” feature internal combustion chambers that reduce CO2 emissions. These environmentally friendly cars feature a variety of devices and techniques that make them eco-friendly and fuel efficient. These vehicles aren’t hybrid cars; they’re simply regular vehicles with systems that make their emissions less harmful to the atmosphere.

There are various features that make up the Pure Drive like the Nissan start/stop system. This system reduces unnecessary fuel use and energy loss with the vehicle’s engine performance. The start/stop system switches off the engine when the vehicle slows down to a certain speed. This limits emission and fuel waste while conserving energy to get your car back to your desired speed when you accelerate.

This system really shows its work during stops at lights. Normally, when you’re stopped at a red light, your car stays on, and it continues to use up fuel even though it’s not moving. The Nissan start/stop system switches off the engine and relies on battery until you’re ready to move. Not only does this limit air pollution and emission, but it saves you fuel because it’s not being wasted while you’re stopped at a traffic light.

How Does Pure Drive Work?

Nissan Pure Drive vehicles feature a continuously variable transmission, or CVT. CVTs offer a smoother acceleration and a wider range of gear ratios than traditional automatic transmissions. Automatic transmissions tend to waste significant amounts of fuel because they select certain gear ratios that many not be efficient for the conditions of the road that the driver is on. CVTs also contain fewer moving parts than automatic transmissions, which results in repairs that aren’t as costly with regular automatic transmissions.

CVTs essentially consist of two tapered pulleys and a metal belt, and it’s actually loosely based on a design created by Leonardo da Vinci. This system allows the car to get the most potential out of its fuel while limiting the amount of fuel it wastes. This transmission can effectively boost the vehicle’s fuel economy, which limits your unnecessary spending at gas stations. The CVT combined with a hybrid engine results in an extremely fuel efficient and environmentally friendly car. The main goal with the Nissan Pure Drive initiative is to limit fuel waste while striving for a future filled with cars that have zero-emission.

Test Drive Nissan Pure Drive at Cherry Hill Nissan

Do you have more questions about the Nissan Pure Drive? Contact our automotive experts today at Cherry Hill Nissan. We’re happy to help drivers like you in the Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel and Collingswood area.