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How to Reduce your Carbon Footprint in Honor of Earth Day

reducing your carbon footprintStarted in 1970, the first Earth Day saw people from schools, colleges and universities, and communities nationwide engaging in peaceful protests to bring attention to the need for environmental reforms. In fact, the first Earth Day brought together approximately 20 million people across the United States. Earth Day’s purpose was—and still is—to focus on world peace and environmental reform policies.

Thanks to previous Earth Days, there has been a greater push to recycle, reduce carbon emissions, and develop alternative energies. As a local Nissan dealer, we at Cherry Hill Nissan still recognize how important it is to keep our Earth beautiful and the importance of continuing the environmental improvements that were started more than 30 years ago. In honor of Earth Day, we would like to share with you some ways to reduce your carbon footprint:

Unplug electrical devices when they’re not in use. You may think that as long as your appliance or electrical device is turned off, it’s not using electricity. But as long as it’s plugged in, it will continue to siphon some energy. A surge protector can help if you’re interested in reducing the amount of electricity you use. You can plug multiple appliances into it and turn them off all with one switch.

Walk more. Actually, you can also bike, roller skate, or take public transit. The point is, there are many ways to get where you want to go without using so much gasoline to get there. In some cases, your outings may take a bit of pre-planning, but you’ll be doing your part to leave the world a little better than you found it. You’ll also be getting exercise and saving money at the same time!

earth day 2015Plant a garden or support local agriculture. Most of the food found in the supermarket has traveled ridiculous distances just to end up on your plate, using countless gallons of gasoline in the process. Supporting local agriculture is a great way to peacefully protest unnecessary waste.

Take a shower. When compared to bathing, showering uses far less energy and water)as long as you don’t take a long shower.

Wash your laundry in cold water. It takes more energy than you think to keep water warm until someone is ready to use it. (Hint: This is what a standard hot water heater does.) You may also want to consider a tankless water heater. This can provide hot water on demand and doesn’t keep water hot while it’s waiting to be used.

Plant a tree. Not only do trees help to offset emissions by turning carbon to oxygen, they can help with your heating and cooling too. Deciduous trees will provide shade in the summer and then lose their leaves in the fall. If planted around a home, they can shade your home from the summer sun but allow the sunshine through to help warm your house in the winter, thus reducing the energy you need to keep your home comfortable.

These are just a few of the ways you can reduce your carbon footprint. With Earth Day coming up, now is a good time to learn about ways to reduce your carbon footprint and start putting a few of these ideas into practice.


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