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How to Update the Navigation System in your Nissan

Nissan offers the great technologies within each of their vehicles, and of these technologies is a useful and efficient navigation system. With this, drivers get accurate turn by turn directions and maps to their destination. Nissan vehicles equipped with this technology uses Global Positioning System satellites and advanced sensors within the vehicle to calculate your exact location. As time goes by, this system requires updates to provide up to date location information. To do that, one must follow the steps below.

1. Obtain the update DVD. The navigation system within your Nissan needs a certain DVD to install an update. This DVD contains a detailed map of the nation that gives you information about your location and surroundings. Installing this gives you directions, available points of interests (restaurants, stores, etc.) around the area of Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel, Collingswood, and all over South Jersey. The DVD needed for the update usually runs from $149 to $249 in price.

 2. Insert the DVD into your System. Every Nissan model is different, so when you receive the update DVD, consult your owner’s manual to see where it needs to be inserted to initiate the install process. Upon finding it and putting it in, you should be able to install and access updated maps for navigation.

3. Drive. Once everything is ready to go, take a quick drive and experience the updated maps. If you notice something wrong or the maps look a bit off, you can report it to Nissan for further troubleshooting. 

General Nissan Navigation Information 

Nissan releases their new navigation updates around the fall, and they contain information from the GPS satellites as wells as information submitted by users all over the area. The DVD does contain updated information for your travels, however, depending on the vehicle you have and its age, you may need to purchase a specific update. Usually those with older vehicles may not get the same update as their systems may not support the newest version. So if you own an older Nissan, it can mean you won’t get the up to date traffic, weather information, and other navigation features new models are offering.

how to update your nissan navigation system

Using the Nissan navigation system can open up a world you can travel opportunities. It is able to deliver information of points of interest all over the area including Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel, Collingswood, and other nearby cities. So if you’re looking for local restaurants or unique local stores, you’ll be able to find it with the Nissan Navigation System.

Those with vehicles equipped with this feature should consider updating every year. As stated before, Nissan releases the update around fall each year, and within a year many changes within the streets and points of interests can occur. So if you need up to date directions, update when it is released.

The navigation system within each Nissan model offers drivers great driving directions to where they need to go, and while updating technologies can seem complicated, installing an update for your vehicle is simple so long as you follow the easy steps above every year for current and accurate maps and directions.

If you have any questions about the update process for the Nissan navigation system, stop by Cherry Hill Nissan for more information.

As always, if you’re interested in any of the new Nissan models within the showroom, schedule a test drive today.