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How Long Does the Average Car Tire Last?

Tires face their fair share of damaging wear when in use and when it’s left in storage. Though is no surefire way to determine how long an average car tire lasts, there are a multitude of factors that can contribute to whether it lives a shorter or a longer lifespan.

Drivers in Cherry Hill, Collingswood, and Mt. Laurel may not fully understand or know these factors, so to help ensure your tires live and function well, read below for information regarding the common factors that point to a tire’s approximate lifespan.

Driving Conditions

How long the average tires last can depend heavily on your driving habits. Taking to pot holes and bumps frequently, driving longer distances, and driving with poorly-maintained tires can lead to a shortened tire life.

It can be difficult to change the length of your daily commutes, but it is fairly quick and simple to change certain factors that can help maintain a tire’s condition. For example, while potholes and bumps tend to be prevalent in Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel, and Collingswood, drivers can try to avoid them by taking different routes or driving in a different lane. You can also perform the crucial preventative maintenance tasks like properly inflating your tires. When inflating, it is important to know that you must not under-inflate or over-inflate. Both decrease a vehicle’s performance, fuel efficiency, and create serious damage under the hood.

Tire Storage

Spare tires and seasonal tires stored away throughout the season may be wearing out more so than drivers think. Storing tires in certain locations like underneath the vehicle or in the trunk are exposed to heat, dirt, and other natural elements that can wear them out even when they are not turning. To help prevent this, it’s best to store spare tires and seasonal tires in a cool space, like the garage. In here, it still ages, but it does so slowly to ensure a long lifespan.

Tire Temperature

It’s a known fact that tires exposed to warmer climates tend to age more than those exposed to cooler climates. While it may not be possible to change the weather, it is possible to change where to put your vehicle and where to store the spare. As stated before, you can store the spare and seasonal tires in the garage in a cool space. Tires that are in use are exposed to more heat than ones that are stored. So to help minimize the levels of exposure, park your vehicle in a shaded area or in your cool garage.

Determining how long an average car tire lasts may not be completely possible, but drivers in the Mt. Laurel, Collingswood, and Cherry Hill area can get an idea and even help extend the life of the tires by understanding the factors above.

If you have any questions about the conditions that contribute to the condition of your tires, or need to schedule a service appointment, head to Cherry Hill Nissan today and talk to one of service advisors for more information.