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Choosing the Best Snow Tires for your Nissan

Winter DrivingWinters in Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel, and Collingswood can be a bit rough. With snowfall, blistery weather, and icy road conditions, it can be a bit difficult to get to where you need to go. However, with snow tires, your drives can be just a little easier for you. Yet, there are some questions to ask yourself when you’re in the market for a set of snow tires. Here are just some of the questions you should take the time to ask yourself before you purchase a new set of tires.

Why do I need snow tires?

Snow tires deliver a better road grip when traveling. They’re featured with a softer tread compound made with natural rubber compounds and increased silica. Also, they have smaller cut sizes, and grooves are located all over the face. With all of these, the tire is able to grab on to the roads and create traction as it rotates. Also, these tires are formulated to perform in 45 degrees or below to give you great traction when traveling.

How many tires do I need?

It’s smart to get four snow tires to help get you through the winter season. Those who opt for only two, will be more likely to experience a wide array of performance issues.

For example, is you only put two tires in the front of your Nissan, having your rear tires be the usual all-season tires, you can start to drift when cornering, and you’ll notice that you find yourself over-steering and under-steering more than usual.

Will my all-weather tires provide the same performance?

While your all-wheel tires can help provide some winter weather performance, it won’t be enough to withstand the full winter temperatures and conditions. They’re made to help with all conditions and don’t specifically work with just snow and winter weather road conditions. Snow tires are made to work specifically with winter temperatures and certain conditions making it excel more in performance than all-weather tires.

My Nissan has All-Wheel Drive; I don’t need snow tires right?

Wrong. Snow tires work to provide better braking, cornering, and faster acceleration when driving in winter road conditions. While All-Wheel Drive models like the Nissan Rogue help bring available power o the ground, it the system does not provide your Nissan with the enhanced braking or cornering grip that snow tires can. Plus, these tires work with other systems like the Traction Control to provide a more enhanced effect of the system.

Best Nissans for Snow

So as the winter season gets cold and more snow lands on the streets of Cherry Hill, Collingswood and Mt. Laurel, be sure to stop by Cherry Hill Nissan to take a peek at our selection of snow tires today.

If you have any questions about snow tires or feel like you need to have snow tires put on your vehicle, be sure to stop by Cherry Hill Nissan or schedule a service appointment. Don’t wait until it’s too cold and too late, talk to one of our trained technicians about scheduling an appointment at the service center today.