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New Years Eve Party Tips for Hosts

The holidays seem to be about party after party after party. From Thanksgiving dinners to Christmas celebrations, it’s easy to get stressed when it comes to planning these events. However, we can help you eliminate the stresses this year with a simple guide to make your New Years Eve party in Mt. Laurel, Collingswood, and Cherry Hill one that everyone will remember, and one you won’t have to feel like pulling your hair out over. Below are some helpful tips for those hosting a New Years Eve party this year.

Send invites

Get your invitations into your friends inboxes or mailboxes as early as possible. New Year’s Eve parties are extremely common and extremely popular, so it’s certain that many people will be throwing one. If you want your friends to head to your party, then send invites early. This can help them fit your party into their holiday schedule, and you can get a headcount earlier so you can start preparing all the activities and foods.

Ensure safety

The safety of your guests should be your number one priority. So if you’re serving alcohol at your party, be sure to make sure your guests have a safe way of getting home. If not, you can clear out an area in your living room or a guest room for those who need to stay the night. In addition, have the numbers of taxi services in the area posted in your kitchen or in your living room to ensure that if anyone needs a ride, they can call the taxi services.

Plan early

Make last minute party planning a thing of the past this year. Plan everything early. From entertainment to foods being served, it’s best to get a head start a couple days before New Year’s Eve. For entertainment, it depends on what you want to do, if you want to play music, then create a playlist beforehand (perhaps create a playlist last year’s best hits). If you’re planning on play games at your party, be sure to know the rules of what you want to play, and you have all the supplies you need.

A game that’s not really well-known will solicit a lot of questions, and you want to be prepared to explain quickly and efficiently so you’re not wasting too much time. For food, early preparation is key. Those planning on serving dips can make them and stick them in the fridge so you won’t have to do any last minute cooking. Also, if you have a dip that needs to be hot, all you have to do is stick it in the microwave for a few minutes.

Have fun

Planning a party is a stressful ordeal sometimes, so when it’s time for the party to start, be sure you’re there having fun, and not just running back and forth hosting. It’s certain that your guests will have a better time if you’re out in the crowds having fun and enjoying the last minutes of the year with them.

With the year coming to a close the New Year inching closer, there are bound to be a great deal of New Year’s Eve parties all over Cherry Hill, Collingswood, and Mt. Laurel. If you’re planning on throwing one of your own, be sure to follow the tips above to get both a stress-free and an enjoyable New Years Eve Party.