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Car Rental in Cherry Hill NJ

Car Rental in Cherry Hill NJ

Of course when you are looking for a car you are going to go to local dealerships. But what about when you are renting a car? Have you ever considered renting a car from a car dealership? There are many fine reasons why renting a car from a car dealership not only makes a lot of sense but why you may wish to do so before you think of purchasing your very own car.

Brand: One of the biggest constraints you have when you are thinking of buying a new or used car is not having any experience with the brand of vehicle you’re thinking of driving. Sure you can get a test drive and of course you can see what reviews and others have to say about it online and in the trades. But what about your daily routine? How capable is this car going to be in your day-to-day life? If you pull a model out for rental from your dealership of choice, you can see so much more than you can in a 10 minute test drive.

Newer: Another great thing about renting a car from a dealership is that you are probably getting a newer model car than you are accustomed to from your rental spot. If this is just to rent, that’s great. But if you are also thinking of buying that’s another thing entirely. Getting to soak up the new car feel of your dealership rental car is a privilege so few of us actually get. So take advantage of this opportunity!

No-Lemons: One more thing about a car dealership versus a car rental space is you are far less likely to get a clunker rental car. At a car rental place, they may have mechanics on staff but they are dealing with so many different makes and models of cars from all over the country and of all different ages. At a car dealership, you are getting your rental car serviced from the same folks who deal with these same cars all the time. So they are a lot more likely to be extra careful in their service. A car dealer always wants to put out the very best car that they can.

Specificity: Another bonus to getting to rent your car from an auto dealer is that you can get the exact car you want. Even more than the brand you can get the style, features, even color of the car you might want to buy and you can do so with little commitment. This is a great trade off and something that most car rental spaces can’t even come close to.

No One Else Is: Finally a reason to rent your car from a dealership is that no one else is doing it! If you are one of the only ones coming into your dealer to rent a car you are going to have your pick of the litter. The dealer is going to treat you like gold in the hopes that you are able to come around and buy a car from them one day in the future.

If you’re in the Cherry Hill, NJ area and you are looking for a great dealership to rent your cars from, call on the team over at Cherry Hill Nissan.   Not only do they have a ton of great cars to choose from to buy new or pre-owned, but they also have got cars to take out and rent for the day, week or longer!

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