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5 Reasons to Lease your Nissan

Nissan Lease NJ
Whether you are looking to purchase your next Nissan outright or would prefer to make monthly payments, securing a new car is a major decision. Once you’ve calculated your budget and know what amount you’d be financially comfortable paying each month, you’re then better prepared to take a closer look at automotive financing options – whether through a bank, a credit union, a finance company, or a dealership. Nissan offer several options to help you make your car buying experience both enjoyable and doable. Nissan’s popular SignatureLEASE® program, in particular, not only provides many benefits, but also offers more choices than a typical lease program in the industry.

Drive Your Dream Vehicle

Leasing makes it possible for you to select the bigger, better-equipped vehicle that you always imagined yourself driving (but that might be a current challenge to purchase).  In leasing, you aren’t paying the whole amount of the vehicle’s price (as you would have to do if you financed your next Nissan or bought it outright), so that gives you the ability to select the options, packages, and features for your vehicle that you may not have been able to add on if you were purchasing it. Why not opt for the very best and drive the vehicle of your dreams today? There’s no need to compromise when Nissan’s leasing options afford you the opportunity to drive the very best.

Choose the Length of Time You Want to Drive Your Dream Vehicle

Perhaps one of the most popular reasons consumers prefer to lease is because they know they aren’t going to be forever “locked” into the same vehicle in which they drove off the lot. There’s no commitment to owning the vehicle long-term when you lease. Even if the Nissan you lease today is the exact one you wanted, just knowing that you have the option of driving yet another new Nissan in as little as 24 months is a great benefit. With Nissan’s unique leasing program, terms can range from 24 to 60 months. At the end of that designated, agreed-upon time period, you simply return the vehicle and then you have the option of leasing or purchasing a new one!

Enjoy Lower Monthly Payments

Leasing enables you to only pay for the portion of the car’s life that you are actually using (between 24 to 60 months). As a result, your monthly payments will be lower than if you were making payments toward purchasing the car – for the life of the car.

Experience Tax Benefits

If you are planning to use your vehicle for business, you may be able to receive tax benefits because you will be making payments toward a “business” expense. The leasing team at Cherry Hill Nissan can help you determine if this benefit would apply to you.

Take Advantage of Nissan’s Early Lease Termination Program

Cherry Hill Nissan is your “Lease Return Destination For All Makes And Models” ! Whether you are reaching the end of your lease from another manufacturer or are already in a lease with Nissan, the Cherry Hill dealership can help you terminate your lease contract as much as 6 payments early – with no penalty – so you can get into that new car ~ quicker! As part of their program, you’ll get a waiver for up to $500 towards any excess wear-and-tear on your vehicle, and save up to $4,000 in additional savings.

Whether you are currently in a lease or considering leasing, stop by Cherry Hill Nissan at 2325 Route 38 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey to learn more about your options for securing your next vehicle.

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