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5 Places to Off Road in Nissan Pathfinder

2014 Nissan Pathfinder Cherry Hill NJ
If you’re an off-roading enthusiast, you’re probably already familiar with the off-roading world going on and on about how great the open locations in California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and even Washington can be. Don’t worry; you don’t have to journey across the country for an awesome off roading experience. Here is a list of five great places for off-roading that don’t require days of travel to get to.

Silver Lake Dunes, Michigan

Located on the western shore of Michigan the Silver Lake Dunes offer an off-road experience similar to that of the California beaches. The terrain is completely soft sand and there’s even water. Okay, Lake Michigan and Silver Lake aren’t exactly the same as the Pacific Ocean, but they are beautiful. Off-roaders rave about the area, and if you go, make sure to get to the top of Test Hill; it’s the tallest in the park, and the view from the top goes for miles all around.

Redneck Yacht Club, Punta Gorda, Florida

While an off-roading park in Florida might not be the most convenient to get to, a trip to the Redneck Yacht Club will be worth it. This incredible park is on a full 800 acres and contains four mud holes, and complete mud track and tons of fun events throughout the year. Some upcoming events are Rugged Terrain Vehicle Weekend, Trucks Gone Wild Weekend and even a very straight forward Mud Mayhem Weekend. You can also camp at this park, and there are on-site food vendors so you can maximize your off-roading time.

The Mounds Off-Road Vehicle Area, Flint, Michigan

Also found in the Great Lakes Region the off-roading at The Mounds is pretty different from the sandy dunes of Silver Lake. This off-road park is located in a natural and serene area, which means lots of opportunities for a wide variety of natural terrain to conquer! Climb rocks, brave rivers and get covered in all kinds of mud while enjoying the fun at The Mounds. The Mounds does require the purchase of a State of Michigan ORV sticker and other safety features (such as helmets) so make sure you check their website before you head out.

Rausch Creek Off Road Park, Pine Grove, PA

Also known as “Rock Creek” Rausch Creek is well-known and loved for its great park devoted solely to 4x4s (so no quads or bikes). The park is almost 3,000 acres and features a variety of trails at easy, intermediate or advanced levels. The terrain was formed long ago by glaciers so expect tons of rocks in interesting formations as well as hills and valleys to climb and navigate. Rock Creek is for groups and organizations of two vehicles or more. If you don’t have your own club, just check their forum to find other off-roaders to go with.

Mettowee Off Road Extreme Park

Located in Whitehall, New York this off-roading park has it all. They offer rock crawling, trail riding, mud bogging, and obstacle courses and an oval track. Check their events to participate in truck pulls and other competitive events. They were closed for 2013 but are all set to reopen with some great planned events for 2014 starting with an April Spring Fling.

If you love off-roading than you probably already know how great the Nissan Pathfinder is. If you’ve got questions about the Pathfinder, or would like a test drive, then just call or visit Cherry Hill Nissan of New Jersey. We’ve got great financing and both new and used models of this perfect off-roading machine.

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