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5 Features to have in 2014 Nissan Altima

Thoughtfully designed for both the young driver and the young-at-heart driver, it’s easy to understand why the 2014 Nissan Altima is fast-becoming the midsized sedan of choice for both loyal Nissan drivers and first-time Nissan owners. The base Nissan Altima (which is recognized as one of the Top Best Sedans under $25,000) comes with full-power accessories, a driver’s seat that is adjustable to accommodate any driver’s height, a convenient keyless ignition and entry, 16-inch steel wheels, an easy-to-use Bluetooth phone with audio connectivity, and an impressive four-speaker sound system that includes a CD player.

2014 Nissan Altima NJ

While the base Altima 2.5 comes with plenty of standard features to make any driver happy to be behind its wheel, if you’re a discerning car buyer who enjoys the luxury and convenience of the very best of the best, you’ll want to include these five “must have” features in your new Nissan Altima.

#1 The Tire Pressure Alert System

This 21st century convenience is what every driver has needed for decades! Nissan Altima’s super-cool tire pressure monitoring system does tons of things. First, it lets you know what the tire pressure is in each of your tires. Next, once you start adding air to a tire, your hazard lamps flash, indicating the air pressure system is working properly. How many times have you tried to put air in your tires and were never quite sure from the get-go if you were even doing it right? Finally, this awesome feature makes your vehicle’s horn beep to let you know your tire has received just the right amount of air! Voila! It makes the whole process of checking and getting air not only easy but also fun! As a result, more Nissan Altima drivers (both young and young-at-heart) are now confidently stopping to put air in their tires themselves – thus saving on gas usage, preventing unnecessary wear and tear on the tires, and making their car that much safer to operate!

New Nissan Altima NJ

#2 and #3 The Sun Roof and the Moon Roof

Until you’ve actually experienced having both a sun roof and a moon roof in a vehicle, you don’t know what you are missing. Once you have experienced them, however, any vehicle without them makes you feel claustrophobic – no matter how big the inside cabin of your vehicle is!

#4 The Multi-function Rearview Camera

The “operative” word here in this state-of-the-art feature is “multi-function.” While some manufacturers offer a rearview camera for drivers to see what’s behind them as they back-up – whether pulling out of their driveway or into a tight parking spot, the Nissan Altima offers a “multi-function” camera. With this high-tech system, you not only get the usual “what’s-behind-me?” view when reversing but also three other functions. Since most every car has at least one blind spot – whether part of the design or simply from the weather, the Blind Spot Warning feature enables your car to alert you if you are about to collide into something you can’t see. The Lane Departure Warning is awesome when you’re driving in rush-hour traffic or doing a long road trip back; it alerts you if you are unintentionally about to drift into another lane where a motorcycle or another vehicle may be approaching. Finally, this feature also include the Moving Object Detection, alerting you if something is coming into your path of driving or near your vehicle.

2014 Nissan Altima Interior NJ

#5 High-end Driver Seat

Nothing takes the place of leather upholstery on an eight-way power, heated driver seat, replete with power lumbar adjustment!

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