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Checking Your Tires in New Jersey

Tire Service Cherry Hill NJStaying safe in winter is important, and there are several vehicle tasks you can complete to ensure you’re as safe as possible. Chief among them is having your tires checked. There are several different things your tires should be checked for, and the consequences of not doing so could be disastrous.

The Dangers of Suboptimal Tires

There are several possible consequences of having worn, underinflated, or ill-equipped tires. The worst possible scenario is decreased braking abilities which could lead to an accident. Tires without enough traction can cause you to get stuck and can make it more difficult to get out once you’re stuck.

Check the Tire Type and Tread

New Jersey gets plenty of snow, and as a result you may want snow tires installed on all four wheels. Whether or not these are the right choice for you will depend on how and where you drive as well as your vehicle type. You may find that all-season tires, which work fine in light to moderate snow, can offer you enough tread depth. Any tires with less than 3/32 inches of tread should be replaced. The service center at Cherry Hill Nissan can help you decide what your best tire options are.

Check Your Tire Pressure

While you should always regularly check your tire inflation pressure, it needs to be done more frequently in the fall and winter. Remember that this includes your spare. When the temperature drops, the pressure in your tires will drop as well. Typically, you’ll see a drop of 1 PSI for every 10 degree drop.

Inadequately pressurized tires can also decrease your fuel efficiency by as much as 3-4%. You’ll find the appropriate tire pressure levels for your vehicle in your owner’s manual, and most vehicles also have a sticker on the inside of the driver’s door with this information. The ideal time to check tire pressure is when your tires are cold, which would be before you’ve driven one mile.

Other Maintenance to Complete in Fall Months

Your lights are a very important part of your winter checklist. As it starts to get dark earlier, there are more hours in the day during which you need to ensure your lights are shining brightly. Check every headlight, taillight, turn signal, emergency flasher, back-up light, and brake light. It’s as important for you to see as it is for other vehicles to be able to see you.

Wiper blades can also increase your visibility by removing snow from your windshield. Check your blades to ensure they completely clear the glass with every swipe. If your blades leave streaks, or they miss spots altogether, then they should be replaced. There are also winter wipers available which help prevent ice and snow from building up on the wiper blades.

Finally, the fall months are a great time to check all the fluids in your car. Your windshield washer fluid should have a special winter solution that includes antifreeze to prevent freezing, and your transmission, power steering, and break fluids should all be checked.

The Easy Way to Complete Pre-Winter Maintenance

Cherry Hill NissanCherry Hill Nissan can perform a comprehensive tire check, rotation, and winter inspection. We’ll ensure that your vehicle is as ready as it can be for the cold, icy, snowy months ahead. Stop by or hop online to schedule a service appointment at your convenience.