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Cherry Hill, NJ Free Wifi HotSpots

Free Wifi Cherry Hill NJSince before this great nation was founded, New Jersey has always been a proponent of freedom. Freedom from the king of England, freedom from taxation without representation, and freedom from any form of oppression. Into the 20th and 21st centuries, New Jersey has continued their long tradition of perpetuating that which makes Americans free. Two huge aspects of modern living that encourage this ideal are the automobile and the Internet. Ever since Henry Ford created his production line, the entire country has been more readily accessible by the common man than any country ever before. Even more recently, the advent of the “information age” has brought endless knowledge to the horizons of even the most remote locations utilizing amazing wireless technologies.

Today, while residential Internet in the personal home environment continues to soar, the rapidly expanding trend among large and small businesses alike is to offer free, unlimited, wireless Internet to customers and passersby. Despite readily available home Internet and the ever increasing 3G and 4G coverage for mobile phones, free Wi-Fi brings a more reliable experience to the table and adds desirability to a business’s image. Furthermore, as more places offer free Wi-Fi, the more people expect it, leading to a sense of absence when a particular place fails to supply.

Two of the most prominent suppliers of free WI-Fi, especially in the Cherry Hill region, are:

  • Barnes & Noble
  • Panera Bread

Both of these companies strive to offer high-quality Internet connections to their patrons in an effort to make their establishments more enjoyable. Barnes & Noble encourages the use of their eBook reader, the NOOK, by offering free downloads and coupons to NOOK users who connect inside one of their stores. At Panera Bread, it’s not uncommon to see freelancers and work-from-home employees taking advantage of the atmosphere, food, and free Wi-Fi for their work day.

Barnes & Noble

There are two locations that Cherry Hill residents can take advantage of.

  1. 1311 Nixon Dr. in the neighboring city of Moorestown is noted as having an especially friendly and helpful  staff. It is impressively clean and has an on-site cafe to supply patrons with delicious beverages whether they’re reading, shopping, or surfing the web.
  2. 200 Route 70 in Marlton, boasts similar reviews and credibility.

Additionally, both locations, as are most Barnes & Nobles, are open from 9:00 AM until 10:00 PM for maximum convenience. Whether you’re looking for a book, a latte, or just some bandwidth, consider taking a drive to one of them, especially if you’ve never been to such a major book store before.


Panera Bread

There are three Panera Breads in the Cherry Hill area, all open from 6:30 AM until 9:00 PM and all with free Wi-Fi.

  1. Located in the heart of Cherry Hill at 2010 Marlton Pike way.
  2. Located within half a mile of the Moorestown Barnes & Noble at 1500 Nixon Dr.
  3. Located on the other side of the 295 and to the South, at 1200 White Horse Rd. in the Voorhees Township.

Nobody can deny that Panera bread sells some of the most scrumptious food around. Enjoy a cup of coffee, bowl of soup or one of the other many tasty treats Panera Bread has to offer while enjoying their free Wi-Fi service.

So the next time you’re out driving around, looking for a fun spot to populate, consider checking out somewhere that has free Wi-Fi such as a Barnes & Noble or a Panera Bread.

Is there a place you use for Wi-Fi that we didn’t list? Let us know in the comments section!

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