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Best Restaurants for Solo Diners

There’s no better social environment than a restaurant, and there are tons of choices when it comes to restaurants in Cherry Hill, NJ that provide excellent atmosphere and food. However, sometimes you just want to grab a delicious meal by yourself. Some restaurants are more suitable for a social setting with friends and family, while some provide a more intimate setting for couples. These types of restaurants may feel a little uncomfortable if you are looking to dine by yourself. The following are a few restaurants around the area that we recommend you check out that are perfect for a private meal.

  • Pho Eden – Vietnamese pho restaurants are usually a good call if you are looking to grab lunch or dinner by yourself. This one in particular offers a relaxing and casual atmosphere that’s perfect for single person dining. Not to mention that the pho here is pretty fantastic as well! Located in a strip mall, this little hole in the wall restaurant provides a wide selection of Vietnamese options on its menu. They have 20 different Pho dishes (which are rice noodle soups) along with 8 different Pan Fried Noodle dishes, all of which can be ordered with varying degrees of spiciness. There are also some great appetizers, which can be combined to make a fantastic meal on their own. Try out their Special Combo Roll or their Vegetarian Summer Rolls.
  • King of Pizza – It’s pretty much accepted knowledge that if you’re looking to eat by yourself, grabbing a slice of pizza at a local pizza joint is more than acceptable. Slices here are gigantic yet affordable, and most importantly of all – delicious. The King of Pizza is one of the more popular pizza joints you’ll find in the Cherry Hill area, as evidenced by the fact that they have been serving the area for over 40 years. In addition to all the pizza toppings you’ve come to expect, King of Pizza also has a number of gourmet options that include Margarita, Hawaiian, Tuscan, Steak and more. Not in the mood for pizza? Grab a hot sub, hoagie, wrap, panini and more.
  • Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar – This gourmet burger spot provides a long diner-style bar to sit at, making it the perfect place to eat by yourselfYou can’t go wrong with any of their juicy gourmet burgers, whether you go with The Zinburger; which comes with Zinfandel Braised Onions, Mayo and manchego Cheese or The El Diablo; which boasts fire roasted jalapenos, caramelized onions, chipotle mayo and pepper jack cheese. Not only are there 16 different types of burgers to choose from, you can also change it to Kobe beef or even build your own. There’s also a wide selection of wine, beer, cocktails and milkshakes to choose from.
  • Mikado Japanese Sushi Bar & Steakhouse – Sushi bars are another great option for lone wolf dining, since you can simply eat at the bar, which also affords you the enjoyment of watching the sushi chef prepare your meal. Not only is their sushi created using the freshest ingredients and fish available, it’s affordable as well – a rarity when it comes to sushi spots. In addition to all the staples you’ve come to expect from a sushi bar, from tuna to yellow-tail, there are also a number of combinations worth getting as well as non-sushi entrees, from noodles to tempura.


Planning on eating by yourself in Cherry Hill? Then visit one of these excellent restaurants!
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