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Best BYOB Resturants near Cherry Hill, NJ

There are some fantastic restaurants in the Cherry Hill, NJ area worth trying if you’re in the mood to eat out. However, sometimes having a beer or a glass of wine with your meal can be expensive. Restaurants tend to mark up these types of beverages to the point where you could have gotten an entire six-pack or a bottle of wine at a local store for the price of one glass at a restaurant. Odds are you usually bite the bullet so that you can enjoy a drink with your meal. Luckily for you, there are a number of excellent BYO (bring your own) restaurants around town. The following are a few restaurants that allow you to bring your own beer or wine that we highly recommend.

Oh Yoko! – In the mood for sushi? This is the place to go! Oh Yoko! is one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in the area, and not just because it’s BYO. This family owned and operated restaurant uses the freshest fish and finest ingredients available. They have a huge amount of sushi options that include staples such as salmon and tuna along with specialty rolls such as their Veggie-Maki; made with spinach, cucumber, avocado, asparagus, carrot and oshinko and their Bagel Roll; made with cream cheese, smoked salmon, scallion and masago.


Ristorante Toscana – Located right off of Route 70, this fantastic Italian restaurant boasts a beautiful outdoor area that’s complete with flowers, plants and even waterfalls, making it the perfect spot to have a drink along with lunch or dinner during the summer. You’ll find a wide variety of delicious Italian meals on their menu. Try out the Four Season Salad with Salmon or the Seafood Manicotti.

Kunkels Seafood & Steak House – More in the mood for cuisine that’s a little more local? Try out the Kunkels Seafood & Steak House for a delicious meal and great service to boot (the owner is known to come out and welcome patrons). This is an excellent restaurant for both lunch and dinner. Begin the meal with their delectable fried Calamari or some steamed mussels. Then move on to one of many entrees that include seven different types of burgers and a wide selection of both seafood and steak dishes, such as their amazing Filet Mignon or their Beer Battered Cod Fillet. Can’t decide between a steak and seafood? Go with their Surf & Turf, where you can choose from a Rib Eye or a New York Strip along with either Lobster Tail or Crab Cake. Planning on ordering seafood? Bring along a bottle of white wine. Going with a steak instead? Bring your favorite red. If you’re just here to chow down on a burger for lunch, bring your favorite beer!

La Cita – La Cita offers some of the most authentic (and delicious) Mexican food you’ll find in Cherry Hill. Although a smaller restaurant, the atmosphere is intimate and cozy, making it perfect for lunch or dinner with friends, family or even a date. You’ll find everything you expect from an authentic Mexican joint, from Tacos to Burritos, as well as a number of unique dishes. Try their Chile Relleno, which consists of Poblano Peppers filled with special Oaxaca cheese or their Fiesta Mexicana, which boasts a 10 ounce Sirloin Steak with chile relleno and more. Be sure to bring a few cervezas along with you!

There are a large number of restaurants in Cherry Hill that allow you to bring your own beer or wine. These are just a few different types that are known for their food and atmosphere as well.

Did we miss your favorite Cherry Hill BYOB? Let us know your favorite one in the comments below!

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