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Springdale Farms Reviews

Visit Springdale Farms for Plants, Produce and Pies

The nice weather has finally arrived in Cherry Hill and you’re eager to get outside and enjoy it.

You want to beautify your blooming landscape with fresh plantings and showcase spring colors in vibrant displays.

For all your flower and gardening needs, make a visit to Springdale Farms on Springdale Road.

Browse their plants, drool over their bakery products and take home some of their fresh produce for meals during the week.

If you’re new to gardening, Springdale Farms is the ideal destination.

They carry all the best products like mulch, soil and fertilizers to keep your garden growing strong all through spring and summer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything you see and are considering purchasing for your property.

The staff is full of gardening experts that want to help you make the most of your planting efforts.

Springdale Farms has everything you need for not just your flower garden, but your vegetable garden as well.

If you didn’t get to starter seeds this year or if your seedlings suffered in an unexpected frost, Springdale Farms has plenty of tomatoes, peppers and eggplant transplants ready to be placed in the ground for a summer harvest. Plan ahead for later summer crops like watermelons and beans by getting those plants in the ground now.

Don’t have a green thumb? That’s okay! Springdale Farms has a seemingly endless supply of fresh produce for you to browse and purchase.

Their selection is so enticing you might buy more than can fit in your fridge. All the produce is locally grown and at in-season freshness so you know you’re getting the highest quality fruits and vegetables.

Strawberries are a favorite late spring/early summer fruit so make sure to pick up a few quarts before they’re gone and their growing season ends.

No visit to Springdale Farms is complete without browsing their baked goods. The smell of apple cider donuts is irresistible and lures you in to view their home baked pies.

Cookies, breads, muffins and cakes are also freshly baked and on hand and they’re sure to keep the little ones happy while you shop.

For a taste of something savory, try their large selection of pot pies. Indulge in asparagus cheese or broccoli cauliflower cheese and check often to see what their pot pie of the month is.

Grab some apple cider donuts for breakfast and a fresh pie or cake for dessert the next day. Their bakery items won’t last long in your house and you’ll be eager to return for more.

Looking for that perfectly unique gift for a loved one or friend?

You’ll find those too at Springdale Farms. Lawn decorations, wind chimes, bird feeders and even garden-themed tableware are displayed on the racks in their gift area.

You can pick up some artistic stepping stones for your own garden too and any other landscaping embellishments that catch your eye.

With so many unique gifts set out among lovely flowers, you’re sure to find something for the next special occasion.

When you’re in need of a location for a party or get together, Springdale Farms is a great place to hold it.

They have outdoor patios and tented areas for functions from children’s birthday parties to an intimate anniversary party or small family gathering. The beautiful and fragrant surroundings make it a unique location for any important occasion.

Revel in spring and look forward to summer in Cherry Hill by making a visit to Springdale Farms.

Their selection of plants, baked goods and gifts make it an ideal place to relax, browse and enjoy the warm weather.

Click here to learn more about Springdale Farms in Cherry Hill NJ.

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