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Sahara Sam’s Oasis Reviews

Sahara Sam’s Oasis – Wild water fun at it’s best!

This Memorial Day weekend my husband and I had a wild day visiting Sahara Sam’s Oasis Indoor  Outdoor Water Park for their Grand Outdoor Opening. What a blast!

You might think water parks are for kids, but the two of us had the time of our lives indulging our youthful adventurous side.

We loved the new additions to the park, and couldn’t resist riding their indoor slides over and over again.

After a few hours in the park, we hit the poolside WipeOut Tiki Bar at the Beach Club for some delicious fruity drinks that made me feel like we were in the tropics.

Then, it was back to splashing and laughing in the water!

New Outdoor Attractions:

The new outdoor park is awesome. The outdoor attractions are open all summer until September, so don’t miss your opportunity.

Here are some of the new attractions you’ll enjoy when you go:

Rip ‘N Roll

This 12,000 square foot wave pool could easily be my new favorite way to hit the waves. It’s like the ocean without the salt in your hair, sand in your mouth, and long trek back to the car. Amazing!

Splish Splash

We don’t have any kids, but if we did this would be the place for us to take them. Splish Splash is a kids dream playground. If mermaids and pirates invented a place for their little tykes to splash, squeal, and giggle, this would be it. It’s great for toddlers and small children. The unique setup will entertain you and your kids for hours.

Blue Lagoon

This is where Sahara Sam’s went above and beyond with creating a truly epic experience for it’s visitors. The Blue Lagoon is a crystal clear open swim and lap swimming pool. Now you don’t have to choose between taking your kids (or yourself!) to the theme park and getting your exercise in, Sahara Sam’s Oasis Indoor  Outdoor Water Park let’s you have both!

The Wipeout Tiki Bar

Call me a lush, but a poolside tiki bar that specializes in tropical-mixology excites me as much as zipping down the wild waterslides. If you’re an adult who likes to play like a kid, you’ll love that you can take your mid-day break from the waves in this beachy oasis.

Year-Round Indoor Attractions:

The new outdoor attractions are a blast, but the indoor waterslides, surfing simulator, and innertube rides are equally fun. Here are my favorite of their classic treasures:

The Mile Nile

You’ll love your wild ride through this speedy 350-foot waterslide. This ride is the thrill of a lifetime!

The Flow Rider

Don’t miss your chance to ride New Jersey’s one and only indoor surf simulator! I had a blast catching the waves again and again on this great ride.

Snake Eyes

Grab a buddy and a tube for this raging ride through the tropical belly of a snake! I don’t get dizzy, so I rushed to do this ride over and over again.And much more…

You’ll love your visit to Sahara Sam’s Oasis Indoor  Outdoor Water Park whether you have kids, are with a group of adult friends, or get to enjoy the day with a special sweetheart.

They truly have fun for all ages, all skill levels, and rides to enjoy even on days with bad weather.

Cherry Hill Nissan Supporting Local Businesses

Here at Cherry Hill Nissan, we just don’t sell cars…We also love to have fun!

And what’s more fun than a water park you can enjoy year round right in our back yard?

We not only live in Cherry Hill we also live and play in Cherry Hill so every once and awhile we’ll help point out some of the fun things to do in and around our great city of Cherry Hill NJ.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed this review and hope to hear from you soon. Feel free to post your own reviews in the comment box below!

Have a fun and safe summer!


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