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10 Things To Have In Your Trunk

Okay, so maybe winter so far this year has been a little warmer than we’re used to. But, at some point, you know we are going to get those intense storms and sub-zero wind chills. If you are like most people, you probably aren’t thinking too hard about bad things that could happen while driving in the winter. You’re used to having someone nearby able to help you basically anywhere you go.

What happens if you are in one of those situations where no one can help for hours?

Fortunately, you can prepare ahead of time for any trouble you might experience this winter.

Essentials You Should Have

In no particular order, here are the 10 things you should have in your trunk this winter:

1. Blankets – Having several warm, thick blankets in your car can mean the difference between getting a little chilled and severely frostbitten. If your car gets stuck in a deep snow bank, always make sure you have enough blankets to keep you and all of your passengers warm.
2. Spare, charged prepaid phone – Keep this wrapped up in the blankets to prevent damage in the event of a crash. Just in case you forgot your cell phone, or if it’s battery is dead, you will be able to call 911 with your prepaid phone.
3. Jumper cables – Maybe you didn’t remember to include a prepaid cell phone in your car. If that’s the case, then at least you have jumper cables available. If someone drives by, you can get yourself out of a sticky situation by flagging them down.
4. Sand/Lime – Keep a bag of either. If you slide off into a snow bank, you might be able to get yourself out. Placing a few handfuls under your wheels gives your vehicle more traction and a better chance to get out.
5. Shovel – You might bury your car so deep that lime or sand won’t get you out. Pack a shovel along to help you get out of those situations. Who knows? You might also be able to help someone else get unstuck.
6. Ice scraper – This isn’t so much for emergency situations, but you should have one if you live in a cold-weather region. Frost is a fact of life for people living in such areas, and it can take a good 30 minutes or so for it to thaw off if you rely only on your heater.
7. Tire sealant – If you notice your tire is losing air and still has a little left, tire sealant can fill the holes enough to make a trip to the nearest town possible. It works great, and takes up just a little bit of space.
8. First aid kit – If you or someone else is hurt in an accident and it will be a while before help arrives, then a first aid kit comes in helpful. Perhaps equally important is knowledge of using it – make sure you know how to apply splints, for example.
9. Dried foods – Hopefully you are never in a situation where you anticipate being stuck this long. But, if you know you will be going on a long trip to an isolated area, be sure to pack in some dried foods like beef jerky and granola.
10. Road flare – Keep this in your car, just in case you are stuck in whiteout conditions. Rescuers will have an easier time finding you, and even just a few minutes can mean the difference between discomfort and frostbite.

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