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Top 5 Things to Always Have in your Trunk

It is vital to keep certain essentials in your car. Ideally you should keep many types of things on you in case you are stranded in your car. Here are five things that every car should be stocked with at all times.

1. Spare tire, Jack, and Tire Iron.

All drivers eventually get a flat over time. Even if tires are in good condition, they can still get a flat. A good driver should always have the necessary parts in their vehicles. The spare tire should at least be a temporary tire, or a donut. The jack needs to be the proper level for the make and model of your car. You also need a tire iron, also called a lug nut wrench, on hand for removing the lug nuts.

2. Tire Pump

These little cans can be an easy way to save the day if there is a minor leak in your tire. If you pull over and see that the tire is just merely on the low side, give it a temporary fix with a type of sealant. This way you may be able to put off replacing the tire for a more convenient time and get back on the road.

3. Jumper Cables

If you ever have an issue with your battery, and cannot start your vehicle, you will need jumper cables. It is best to have them with you in case there’s a good Samaritan close by who’s willing to help. There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck somewhere with someone willing to give your car a jump, but nobody has any jumper cables.

4. Antifreeze

When an engine is having trouble it will start to overheat and use more radiator fluid to cool itself. Overheating can cause serious damage to the engine, so you will need to pull over immediately if you notice your engine is running hot. A gallon of water can be kept in the trunk, but antifreeze is the better option.

5. Emergency Reflectors

If you are broken down and cannot fix the problem on your own, you will need to call emergency road service so that the vehicle is towed to a mechanic. A standard kit with reflective cones or small flares will help vehicles see you on a dark road with little visibility. Reflective cones are especially necessary if the vehicle cannot power the taillights or headlights.

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