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How to Check Tire Pressure

Check Tire Pressure

 Check Tire Pressure

Checking the air pressure in your tires isn’t hard, but it does require a bit of specialized equipment. Checking your tire pressure is important to do at least several times a year. Keeping your tires properly inflated means that you’ll get better gas mileage and have less wear and tear on your tires.

To start, purchase an air pressure meter from your local auto parts store. These meters are about the size of a pencil, and they are fairly inexpensive. Next, park your car so that you can access all four tires easily.

Check your owner’s manual or the sticker placed either inside the driver’s side door or inside the trunk of your car for the proper air pressure for your vehicle’s tires. Make a note of this number (it’s almost always the same for all four of your tires). Next, look at your front, driver’s side tire. You should see a small, black cap coming out of the middle or along the rim of the hubcap. This is called the valve stem. Remove the cap from the valve stem, then press your tire pressure gauge onto the stem.

The meter on the gauge will expand or pop out to show you the current air pressure in the tire. Just read the number that is along the edge of the where the meter meets the rest of the gauge  Of course, in order to do this you will have to be careful not to move the meter while taking it off of the valve stem. If you mess it up the first time or two that you try it, don’t worry. Just push the meter back inside the tire gauge and try again.

Repeat this procedure with each tire on your vehicle. If one of the tires has a lower air pressure than what is recommended, take your car to a service station to fill it the tire with air. Otherwise, once you are done checking the tire pressure in all of your tires, replace the valve stem caps and drive your car. Keep your tire pressure gauge in the glove box.