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New Jersey Car Inspection Checklist

Between oil changes, regular checkups, and service appointments, state vehicle inspections can sometimes slip the minds of Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, and Collingswood drivers. Though these tests occur less frequently, they’re necessary to ensure that your car is safe to drive on NJ’s open roads.

The state of New Jersey requires passenger vehicles to be inspected for emissions-related issues every two years. New car owners are waived from inspections until five years of ownership. Follow these steps for a successful car inspection every two years:

Check Your Windshield Inspection Sticker

Is your car due for an emissions-only inspection? You can find out by checking your windshield’s sticker, which will verify the month and year in which your car needs to be inspected.

Schedule Your Inspection at a Certified Center…

You have several options when scheduling your emissions-only inspection. State-operated inspection stations are situated throughout New Jersey with regulated days and hours of operation.

You can schedule an appointment online for some of these facilities or check wait times in advance of driving to the center. These state inspection centers don’t require an extra fee for inspection.

There are also private inspection facilities available to perform inspections so you can save time on any potential lines at state stations. These facilities do, however, cost an additional fee.

Earlier Rather than Later

It’s wise to schedule your emissions inspection early if possible. Don’t wait till the end of the month if you plan on taking your car to a state facility.  You can even schedule your inspection up to two months before the month listed on your windshield’s sticker.

Bring the Right Documents on Inspection Day

When you arrive at the inspection center, you’ll need to provide proper documentation to validate car ownership. Be sure to bring physical copies of the following:

  • Driver’s license: While you don’t need to be the owner of the car, you’ll need to present your valid NJ driver’s license.
  • Vehicle registration: Bring your vehicle registration that proves ownership of the car.
  • State of New Jersey insurance ID card: This card acts as your proof of insurance. You can view the card information regulations provided by the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission here.

Keep a Car Inspection Notepad

Upon completion of your inspection, your inspector will adhere a new two-year sticker to your vehicle’s windshield. Note the month and year of the updated sticker in a car maintenance notepad. Use this pad to log oil changes, brake repairs, preventative maintenance service dates, etc. so you have all of the information about your car in one place when you need it.

If Your Car Fails Inspection

Don’t fret if your car fails inspection! Your inspector will provide you with comprehensive steps on what needs to be fixed and will prescribe a facility to take your car to so you can get the necessary changes. Once those problems are fixed within the recommended time frame, you’ll be up for reinspection.

Respect Inspection or Expect Consequences

Driving with an expired inspection sticker is a serious offense that could result in getting your vehicle registration rights revoked. Be cognizant of your car’s windshield sticker and be proactive when your inspection due date rolls around and you’ll be all set to hit the Jersey roads once again.

For fast and friendly service without the wait, schedule your state inspection with Cherry Hill Nissan’s service center in Cherry Hill, NJ, today!

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