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Why you should enroll in Nissan One to One Rewards

If you shop at Target, Home Depot, or Best Buy, enjoy Godiva chocolates, prefer to buy your golf and tennis equipment at Golfsmith or Sports Authority and/or choose the Marriott for your out-of-town overnight stays, you’ll want to own a Nissan. If you buy your best bud’s food and toys at Petco, get your computer needs met at Dell, and love perusing the shelves (whether the virtual ones or those wooden ones lightly-coated with dust) at Barnes & Nobles, always buy your baby shower gifts for your friends at Babies R Us, love the latest fashions at the GAP or Macy’s, or are a buying and selling guru on ebay, you’ll want to contact your Nissan-driving friend or family member today. Nissan has an amazing one-to-one rewards program for anyone who drives, maintains, or owns a Nissan.


Here’s why you ought to get in on the Nissan’s one-to-one rewards program, too:

It’s free.

There’s no enrollment fee or monthly charges to join or reap the benefits of this awesome Nissan rewards program. It’s your Cherry Hill Nissan dealership’s way of putting their “Thank you for being a member of our automotive family!” sentiments into action. You simply sign up, key a tag for your keychain, and start collecting points!

It’s Easy to Earn Points.

Every time you (or someone in your family or close circle of friends) takes your car to the service department at your Cherry Hill Nissan dealership, buys a new or previously-owned Nissan at Cherry Hill’s dealership, or shops at one of 300+ retail stores listed in the program) you simply use your Nissan card on our keychain to rack up more points as a result of those purchasing decisions! Even if you don’t personally regularly shop at any of the countless stores listed, surely someone in your family does! Be sure to let them borrow your Nissan Rewards card to use at checkout so you can get more points! Furthermore, every car owner knows that he/she has to get the car’s oil changed, the tires rotated, the battery checked, the air filter changed, the brakes checked, and all the other basic maintenance checks performed. Why not just have all this done at your local certified Nissan Service Department where you can earn bonus points for your card? Eventually, you’ll be getting all that service done for free with your accumulated points!


The Points Are Valuable.

Every point you earn is valued at $1.00! Although the accumulated points are not redeemable for cash, they can be used toward your next visit to your local Nissan dealer’s Service Department or even when you purchase a new vehicle! 

When you stop by your Cherry Hill Nissan dealer to get your Nissan serviced, you’ll have the peace of mind that your car is well maintained and cared for by the quality, certified staff of technicians at the dealership. While there, don’t forget to use your one-to-one rewards card (or sign up for one) and be sure to check out Nissan’s new line of Nissan models throughout their showroom and their vast lot. On your way home, you’ll pass popular recreation destinations like the LakeviewMemorial Park and nearby Tenby Chase Playground. Maybe you’ll even stop by OlympiaLakes for a few relaxing hours of fishing with the new gear you bought at Sports Authority (and where you earned even more Nissan one-to-one rewards points and maybe even got your car’s service work done for free!) 

See, all good things really do circle back around to your beautiful, safe, and top-of-the-line Nissan and your customer-centric Cherry Hill Nissan dealership!

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