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5 Ways to Prep your Vehicle For Spring in NJ

Nissan Service Cherry Hill NJAny vehicle you drive regularly during winter is going to get some wear and tear. Now that winter is starting to break and spring is soon to arrive, it is time to prepare your vehicle for warmer weather.

Here are five ways to prepare your vehicle for spring:

Clean it thoroughly, inside and out

During the winter, you are walking through snow and tracking in mud. Your carpets and upholstery have taken a bit of a beating. Spot-clean the interior, wipe down all hard surfaces, and vacuum thoroughly. You likely washed the outside regularly to remove road salt. However, it is time for a detailed wash and a thorough wax. This helps preserve the finish and keep the car looking good for as long as possible. Cleaning the windows, inside and out, will let you see the road ahead.

Check hoses and belts

Rough winter weather can put a strain on the hoses and belts. Check each one thoroughly for signs of cracking or excessive wear. If any are showing problems, it is the perfect time to change them out. This will help prevent breakdowns while you are out enjoying the warm weather of spring and summer.

Check windshield wipers and wiper fluid levels

Snow, ice, and salt your windshield wipers encounter during the winter can make the cleaning edge ragged and inefficient. If the wipers are showing any wear, change them out for new ones. Check your wiper fluid to make sure you can clean off the window after a spring shower or a summer storm.

Check tire inflation and wear

It is very easy for tires to lose air through the freeze and thaw cycles of winter. Be sure all tires are at recommended pressure levels. Check tread wear and inspect the tires for problems. Take the time to check your spare tire for inflation and wear also. If you have snow tires, now is the time to trade them out for standard ones. Find out more about checking your tires here.

Check alignment

Potholes are quite common during the winter. Add in rough driving conditions and you may find that your vehicle has become misaligned. If the car pulls or veers to one side, you will need to have the alignment checked by a reputable mechanic like Cherry Hill Nissan.

It is a good thing to have a professional check over your vehicle at least once a year. Spring is the perfect time for this. Set an appointment with the Service Department here at Cherry Hill Nissan. We can help you get your car ready for the spring. You can also take time to test drive one of our new or used cars. Stop by or call us today.

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